Photo Challenge: Graceful


I uploaded my reptile photos in 2008 so that was when we had an exhibition of reptiles in the town of Biel in Switzerland: at last something completely different for a few photos. Snakes and lizards do not bother me as I knew they would be kept behind glass. There were a few large speimens laying around on the floor, but they probably did not have a cage big enough to keep them in. They were only boa constrictors and used to having the run of the place in any case.

Boa Constrictor

Graceful? Yes they are. No noisy feet stamping around, just gentle graceful sliding motions.You have to love them, as long as you do not have to live with them. I think we only have a couple of poisonous snakes indiginous to Switzerland where I live, and they stay up in the mountains.

As W.C.Fields said “Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake” .

Photo Challenge: Graceful

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Graceful

  1. It always amazes me what creatures we are either attracted to or afraid of. Ark loves all insects including spiders while I am leary of all insects and terrified of spiders. However I have gotten somewhat more accepting as I force myself to look at the many ones he photographs. My husband is terrified of snakes while they don’t bother me. So we have a deal. He deals with insect and spiders, and I deal with things that slither. Works. Hugs

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    • I look at all creatures and insects with the point of view, are they worth a photo or not. Generally they are. I just have a loathing of maggots. How can a mother have such ugly children and love them. Otherwise no problem. I once saw an insect exhibition with tarantulas. They had a live mouse in the corner of the cage for its dinner, now that is disgusting. They could have fed the spiders on vitamin pellets. If my cat can eat them, then so can the spiders.

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  2. Garry feels about snake like I do about spiders. I don’t actually mind snakes, as long as they aren’t poisonous and likely to kill me. I have handled them and I like their warm scales sliding across my fingers. And they come in some glorious colors. Good pictures!

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