Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 19.01 (2)

I think yesterday was the first day for a long time that Mr. Swiss and I stayed at home, did not go anywhere or do anything special. We were both still recovering from our cold with its flu similar symptoms. He managed to get a temperature but I just felt like I had one, but did not. No, this was not a competition, just saying how it was. We have one of those super sonic thermometers where you press a button and stick it in your ear. Then a neutral voice, spoken probably by a hermaphrodite person, tells you your temperature after a few seconds. They way you are informed quickly whether you are in dire straits or not. Basically it makes no difference, if you feel bad, you feel bad.

If you are wondering what the photo is, it is an action photo from our estate. This week was day of the cardboard collection in the falling snow. You leave it at the side of the road and it is collected by the local authorities. There is always quite a lot after Christmas, from the various Christmas gifts probably, although I do not buy Christmas gifts. It is combined with the newspaper collection which is separately collected. We seemed to have a lot this time of everything, but Mr. Swiss informed that was because he forgot it last time.

Both Mr. Swiss and I have no great appetite at the moment and we are now planning the week-end shopping, All I have on the list is jam, birdseed and paper handkerchiefs at the moment, although Mr. Swiss is now bringing suggstions fast and furious for real food and I can hardly keep up with him on my silly keyboard on my telephone.

Speaking of writing stuff in a cloud, my iPad sent me a message a few days ago telling me that my cloud was running out of space. I was bewildered, as I though clouds were endless, reproducing themselves constantly. The clouds in my local sky always seem to have room. Some days there are blue skies with no clouds, as the clouds are probably taking a rest. Not only did my iPad tell me that room was lacking, also my iPhone and my Apple computer. When I pressed the right button in the right place I discovered I could increase my cloud which cost money. I asked Mr. Swiss and he confirmed this was normal, but I really only have a shopping list on my cloud. He has all sorts of music, and it seems music on a cloud is an expensive thing. A shopping list on a cloud can really not be so much. I did a check and wiped out a few apps that I never use and discovered I now had room for my shopping list and everything is now working again. I noticed that playing games on “i” stuff uses up large portions of cloud and I really now only play Scrabble. Chess does not need so much room. This “i” stuff can really get confusing. Real life is not so complicated.

It is no longer snowing in my part of the world, which is just as well because the snow we got is still there, temperatures being so cold, it does not melt. I think today I should search for a hat. I know I knitted myself a couple a few years ago, so they must be somewhere. Mr. Swiss finds it would be advisable when having a cold and going out in the cold weather. I have decided to call my doctor and make an appointment for my brain dead test to see if I am still allowed to drive a car. I only have two months time to get it all done and I am sure it will cost something. I have just discovered, according to Mr. Swiss who has no problem with such a test, I have to undergo this examination every two years. I do not even want to drive a car, but suppose it is a better thing to do than I have ever done.

And now to exert my weary body by pushing a vacuum cleaner and wiping floors – Is this really the meaning of life? Probably not, but would rather be a simple housewife than say president of America (makes note, must watch the inauguration this evening on Swiss TV being broadcast live from the states in the evening – who knows what might happen).

Road to Langendorf 16.01 (33)

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning to you! I’m glad you are feeling a little better. I shall watch the inauguration too, just in case something unexpected happens, like Trump changing his mind at the last minute. I also do not fully understand the iCloud, I already pay 79p a month for extra storage due to the photos on my iPad.

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    • Everyone things that Trump might change his mind, but I do not think he has a mind, just a good bank account. I have all my photos online in Flickr so I just pay an annual fee for that. They now have a new super system. I do not have to upload them now, they automatically upload themselves and go into a special file marked private. I can adapt them afterwards. Much quicker and I find I have more time to take the photos. Otherwise I have all my photos, from the mobile telephone, and from my DSLR camaras on my computer(s) and 2 extra hard disks, as well as having all of them in Flickr – what could be better. I do not have to pay for storage anywhere except my abo for Flickr, which is very reasonable.

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      • Thanks, this is very interesting. I am about to buy a new external hard drive for laptop as I’m worried what will happen to my photos if it self destructs. I will investigate Flickr as I do not know how it works.

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        • I once had a hard drive that went kaput, and I then learned to have enough backups. I now have two extra hard drives, my computer and Flickr, so everything is double and more reinforced.
          There are many photo programmes, but I have used Flickr for at least 10 years and am satisfied. Now and again they have a problem, but not so often,and all programmes fail now and again. At the moment I am very satisfied with Flickr. I have everything organised there, can privatise stuff, put it in various files and I have all the information on each photo with which camera I took it, when and various sizes. I never use WordPress for my photos.Here is the link to my site Flickr Photos Tabbynera if you want to browse around, but I warn you, there are about 16,000 photos there.

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    • I did not know that change your mind was an option. In any case, who cares, nothing is going to change except that I will be seeing and hearing more of him in the next four years, and that is not exactly something I am looking forward to.

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  2. Re: flu. My brother and cousin have it really bad, and when my cousin called the doctor and asked if it was the flu, he or she said “the flu has not even hit yet” What does that mean? I never got a flu shot. Did you? Now, I wonder if I should get one before “the flu hits”.

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    • I have never had a flu shot and do not want one.My dad always had one. Perhaps they might be good for you, he died last year at the age of 100 and 7 months. The flu shots only cover half of the virus, so you still have a 50% chance of getting the flu. My doctor always asks, but I tell her to forget it.


  3. I will not watch this travesty of an inauguration today; we’re going to Las Vegas for a Radio Theater conference. My talented PA performs tomorrow, and we’ll also visit the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum. One for each of us, can you guess which one I favour? Stay well, and go safely in the snow, none here as yet but a few sprinkles on the mountain tops. xx


    • I just got a notification on my mobile telephone that I can now watch it live. I told Mr. Swiss and he said he has no time at the moment as he is preparing the evening meal. I also have no time as I am still at the computer. I think I only want to watch if something drastic might happen, but the bad ones always seem to survive.

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  4. I can’t find any of my hats either, so if you find some you don’t recognize, they are probably mine. It has been getting warmer and warmer each day and has now reached nearly shirtsleeve levels. This is the warmest January I remember EVER in this part of the world. Global warming or just a temporary anomaly?

    Garry and I seem to be on the verge of recovery from the malaise that we have had for weeks. I can almost breathe again and have stopped sneezing twenty times in a row. And, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I don’t have a sore throat and the eye infection seems to be clearing up. Winter, bah, humbug.

    So our winter landscape — right now — looks like late autumn. NO snow. I don’t even need a winter weight coat or boots. I hope I find a hat before the cold comes back.

    You WILL feel better. You will. I promise. I am sending you homemade chicken soup thoughts to cure what ails you.

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    • I found all three hats. A green one which I never liked, my mother-in-law knitted it. I made a red one and a blue one, and wore the blue one, but did not feel comfortable. Although I know I knitted it out of pure wool, because I do not like synthetic, it was still making my head itch. Here it is remaining cold, no more snow but the snow we have is not going because temperatures are below freezing and it cannot melt.
      It seems that our competition about who has the worst cough and cold is now diminishing as here it is also slowly going to an end. I seem to be a disturbance when I sneeze and Mr. Swiss has a shock and says probably the whole village can hear me.My nose is running like a tap that I forgot to turn off, but that is probably positive.
      I cooked chicken stew today for lunch which we quite enjoyed. Our Winter is long not finished and generally lasts until end February and a bit of March, although it does not bother me so much.

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