Daily Prompt: An online exposed life


I have a new friend. Every day this blackbird ventures to the front of my kitchen window. He pecks around on the ground, finds a few tasty bits and pieces and then stays awhile. Is he watching me or is it the other way round. Both of use are exposed: me to the curiosity of a blackbird, and the blackbird to my camera.

I noticed on a BBC police detecive series, that Mr. Swiss recorded, that everytime a new crime appeared they consulted the CCTV. It seems in England Big Brother must be watching everyone everywhere as it has now become part of daily life. We do have it in Switzerland, although it seems that certain reponsible people forget to change the film in the camera or whatever  or do not even bother to install CCTV. When my purse was stolen on a train a couple of years go, my bank discovered that someone tried to use my card on one of those cash machines five minutes later. Was there a camera to record who was doing it? No of course not, we are all honest citizens in Switzerland – not.

I am am now very happy with my online photo programme, Flickr. I have had the app on my iPad, iPhone and computer for at least almost 10 years. On my phone and pad all I had to do was take a photo, and transfer the photo via an app to the programme. This is now a thing of the past. I take a photo and the job is done. I go to the programme, wait a few seconds and the photo arrives already in Flickr. The photo goes to a special folder and is marked private. All I have to do is the necessary if I want it to be public and organise it to where I want it to go, which I always had to do in any case. It is perfect. As I am a paying customer, my usage is unlimited. If I was not a paying customer I would have 1 Terabyte allowed in any case. What could be better? Now nothing is safe from my mobile phone camera. I took a few shots of flowers this morning in the supermarket and on the way home in the car they had already arrived on my Flickr app.

There is now  immediate exposure everywhere. If you have a computer and write blogs you are completely exposed and if you are in facebook, all the more. I am in Facebook, but very rarely tell people, complete with map and name, of the plae where I am now having a drink. I also do not let everyone know that I will be away for a few days or evebn hours- who is really interested? Of course there are always the groupies that press a like and make a smiley  and a thumbs up. Life today is one big exposure, so do not forget you might be watching them, but they are watching you as well.


This new development is so good, I just took a photo of my workplace, so that you can all share a glimpse at my computer, the empty plate where I had a piece of lemon tart with whipped cream and my box of paper handkerchiefs, which at the moment is a constant colleague. All in the space of a few seconds it happened. Is this what George Orwell had in mind when he wrote 1984 and the famous phrase “Big Brother is watching you” appeared. It probably was. Be careful of those people with those phone cameras,they are everywhere, no-one is safe. We are all exposed today. “Mr. Swiss put that telephone down, I am not lookling my best at the moment. I have a red nose because of the cold I was exposed to that you donated.”

Daily Prompt: An online exposed life

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: An online exposed life

  1. Well said. Today we must live our entire lives as if someone is watching. I read that many motels and hotels have been accused of secretly taping guests in their rooms. I know when in any store, at any restaurant, in the car, someone is watching. Recently there was a situation where an insurance agency used the computer in a car to prove the defendant wrong. With even our kitchen appliances having computer chips and internet access it turns out they can be loaded up with malware to spy on your habits. Our phones have gps to help us but they also can be used to track our movements. Even our computers have hidden saved files of things we think we delete. So we do live in the open now, walls and blocked views do not hide us. Thanks. Hugs

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    • Everything is registered today. If you have a computer your likes and dislikes are registered. If you join Facebook or other social sites, everything is in a store somewhere. There is nothing you can do about it except ignore the various offers you receive for strange things. I am continuously being bombarded with short speeded up films for cooking stuff on Facebook, Luckily I can stop them or hide them. A lot of the stuff in Facebook is fake in any case. Every keyboard tap, and mouse movement, leaves a trail somewhere online. I have to laugh at the offers I get per e-mail for viagra. That is probably because I am a Patricia and shorten my name to Pat, which could also be a Patrick. And the banks where I do not have an account and various other financial stuff that tell me my account is no longer available and I must release it with personal information. Are there really people that are so stupid. But we are being watched by someone somewhere – do not trust the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans, the British and especially the Swiss – and I should know – I live there. I don’t even trust my cat since she has her own pawpad.

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  2. I am amused by people who believe if they blog under a pseudonym, that they are safe from spying eyes. Hah. NO ONE who has even the smallest online presence has any privacy. No one.

    I have a little feathered friends who watches me from my front windowsill. He sits right on the sill and looks in at us. Maybe it’s the dog he is regarding. And I never have the camera in had when he is around. Not once 🙂

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    • I use the name Angloswiss since at least 10 years, but in Facebook I have my real name linked to my maiden name, because of my school site. They only knew me under my maiden name. I do not really care, I am too old to be bothered. You just have to realise what is behind the whole thing, but even they must go to the happy blogger hunting grounds one day, as we will.
      We have one crow who is bigger and heavier than all the others, so we call him chief crow and he really seems to organise everything. At the moment we have blackbirds everywhere. They love to peck at the stuff we spread on the ground. And I always have a camera next to me. I just have to make sure it is the right camera in the right place with the right lens.


  3. I’m never doing anything worth capturing on camera. It’s too bad the camera wasn’t working at the cash machine. I don’t track my location to Facebook, but even if I did, I keep my FB account private. I am often surprised how many people openly share things online that years ago we would never speak about in public. It’s a different world. It’s nice that you have a bird that returns to visit every day.

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    • The good thing about people sharing personal stuff on Facebook is that I can read it and have some amusement in my day. If they want to make everything public, then why not read it. Everything is worth capturing on a camera – and one of the advantages of digital photography is that you have immediate results. I keep my FB profile private, just for FB friends to see and not for everyone, but what’s the difference. If I really wanted to be completely private, I would not have to bother with it. I crosspost all my WP stuff to Facebook, but have a separate place for that.

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