Good Morning

Garden in Snow 16.01 (15)

Yesterday we saw the sun again. It was not a spectacular display, but it came and went for an hour. Even some snow melted in its path, but as soon as it disappeared ice replaced the melted snow. They are the moments of Winter you treasure. Funny how I used to hate the Winter and the snow and ice it brought with it and now I have learned to appreciate it, althugh I only venture out in a car and I am not driving.

Road to Langendorf 16.01 (46)

Certain trees present interesting shapes when they are covered with snow.

Did I ever tell you what a generous person Mr. Swiss is, he gives me everything, including a cough and cold that he has been brooding out the past week. I spent the last night coughing more than sleeping and he did not even hear me. Luckily it is more a nose cold than a throat cold  If I had a throat cold,  I really feel like a stuffed chicken. Nose colds are easier to manage, it is like having a running tap instead of a nose. Unfortuately my nose is king sized, and its capacity for sneezing and using up boxes of paper handkerchiefs, knows no bounds. Mr. Swiss tells me today his cold is now on the way out, which is obvious as mine is on the way in. It is the stuffy head that goes with it that I am not so keen on. However I should be glad it is not a “man” cold, as they are much worse.

Sparrow16.01 (1)

I try to avoid politics on my daily ramblings in the morning, but I am so fed up with seeing that carrot headed specimen of a Trump on my TV news. Yesterday they showed an early interview with a journalist, and he looked almost normal, with grey hair. Does he really find it necesary to look like something out of a vegetable patch? Does he think it improves his image, and makes him more attractive? Our Swiss politicians are not in the running for a Mr. Universe, but they are homely types that you would almost trust with the door key, or you would invite them in for a cup of tea. Imagine a Trump ringing the doorbell, I would not even open the door after looking through the spy hole .

I noticed that WordPress have yet made a few small cosmetic changes on the dashboard page. I now have a pretty little bell on the righthand top corner to show that someone is calling with a message. If there is something that has arrived, it is decorated with a little orange dot – how imaginative. Also I get a quicker entrance to my reader. Although  on my iPad, instead of getting the follower group I often land on discovery beccause the two sections are too close for a golden oldie.

Taling of golden oldies, Mr. Swiss had a problem this morning. Yesterday he had to restart his iPad – no problem, so do I now and again, just a simple process. However, he discovered that some of his apps had disappeared, the little squares on the front page, and replaced by others which he did not want. After 10 minutes of profanities and slight excitement he realised he had his old iPad which ws replaced because it had signs of old age. I think he may be showing signs of colour blindness as the covers of the two iPads are different colours, but these things can happen as soon as you get to the golden years.

And now I am on my way to do what I have to do. Do not despair, after my battle with the bathroom and kitchen I will be back to tell more of the adventures in AngloSwiss country, of my achievements and disappointments, just the battles to be fought in a normal average household. I am now surrounded by silence, Mr. Swiss has fulfilled his purpose in the life of a vacuum cleaner.

Road to Langendorf 16.01 (24)

The local psychiatric clinic with the Jura mountains in the background and in front of the clinic the farm – photo taken yesterday on the way to a safari at the local supermarket.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Mrs. AS,
    I had an aha moment as I read your post today. I was laughing as I read your adjectives about Trump. But carrot topped ? I see him as a platinum blonde. Don’t tell me I am color blind too. And I never thought his hair was dyed- I thought he was a natural blond. Also liked your descriptions of the homely Swiss politicians to whom in a moment of goodness, one might handover our house keys to.

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  2. The most interesting about the trump inauguration is reading about all the protest groups that will be there. Now 200,000 women are predicted to march on Washington DC in protest. I wish they would keep the TVs on at work on Friday so we could watch this, but I am sure no work would get done…..

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    • I will definitely keep an eye on that on the news. That would really be good, but I am sure somehow the protests will either be denied or hidden and the real event will not be shown as it is. Trump seems to be good at hiding the truth.


  3. Hey, he is getting attention with his twits and more people are watching what he is doing. If I could, I would March against in the Woman’s March. I am praying this next week will be PEACEFUL and NO VIOLENCE ERUPTS!
    I like that orange dot it tills me when I have a comment.

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    • Even Mr. Swiss now knows what a Tweet is, and he is a twit in the true sense of the work. Because tweets are limited in words, he has to make a few tweets to say everything he wants to say. I still do not work out how he got to be president.

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  4. He is definitely orange! I am vowing to listen to FM classical music and binge watch movies and TV series for the next four years. I will not be watching the inauguration. I am usually quite involved in politics, but can’t stomach him and his behavior.

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  5. My friend posted a lovely photo of the Obama family and asked everyone on Facebook to change their profile picture on inauguration day to that photo. I wonder how far that will go.
    Pam, I love how the sun shines on the mountains in the background of your bottom photo. We have a sprinkling of ‘powdered sugar’ on our Sandia Mountains, but the sun will probably evaporate it before it can do any good. The only down-side of New Mexico’s lovely 320 days of sunshine.

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  6. We’ve got “something” too. No idea who gave what to who, but it’s HIS fault. He complains, I sneeze continuously until my back is totally out of joint and I wheeze after I sneeze. And Garry can’t hear anything when I sneeze and swears HE’s been up all night, but I know he’s been snoring away because I really WAS up most of the night. Never mind. it’s the joy of sharing. The good, the bad, and the contagious.

    I have banned the news in this house. i cannot look at orange head, our incoming (gag) president. Our national nightmare is about to commence.

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    • I am really not happy with this cold.Mr. Swiss got it a few days ago, and now it has arrived on my planet. I have a nose resembling a running tap, and my head is completely numb. We do tend to share everything. Mr. Swiss did ask me whether I sleep or not at night, as I seemed to be awake and coughing/sneezing all night.
      The man is not even a joke, a tragedy. I think he tweets because the length of the sentences is limited and he has time in between to think about what to write on the next tweet.


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