Daily Prompt: Invitation?


Almost daily, for the past 5-6 years I get an invitation to write and for the past 5-6 years I have accepted. Almost daily, usually at 2 p.m. the invitation arrives punctually on my computer. It is all programmed, by a computer somwhere in the depths of a large cyber brain that is programmed to send the daily prompt. I am regularly prompted to write, whether I feel like it or not. The master computer brain does not really care if I am in the mood, it has  a job to do. If the daily prompt does not arrive, there will be consternation amongst the citizens of the Daily Prompt Kingdom.

It has happened now and again. Even computers have their problems. Perhaps they strike because they rely on a real human being to give them a purpose in their bytes and circuits. They need an aim in their programmed lives, but humans make mistkes. When the human appointed to programme the computer receives an invitation to have a few drinks after work, and the few drinks became many drinks, he tumbles into bed in the early hours of the morning not sparing a thought to the computer waiting for its human inspirtion. Computers do not really care, they carry on regardless of what their human does in his private life. They are programmed and so the daily prompt arrives on the day when the human is still recovering from his late night, and perhaps regularly falling asleep at his digital keyboard.

Exactly at that moment, the computer circuit decides to strike, a fuse explodes in the internal wiring of the computer and there is no daily prompt. There is no invitation sent to the guests to blog. The human sleeps on regardless, and the computer joins him.

Of couse this has never happened, it is hypothetical, or is it?

computer and handkerchiefs

I feel no inspiration, but the invitation arrives every day same time, same computer. Do I have to dress for the occasion? That is the nice thing about blogging, no-one really cares what you wear. or how you look At the moment my thoughts are clouded due to a cough and cold, but I will follow the daily invitation to blog until I also collapse in a heap on my keyboard.  I will now leave you to accept your own invitations, today I am not in a party mood.

Daily Prompt: Invitation?

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Invitation?

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  2. great write up…very nicely thought and well explained….yes we need not dress up for the occasion…we can be late too…you caught up when the count was 47…when I did…it reached 101…nice to read….

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  3. In my email, an invitation is to either buy something, or get another credit card so I can buy stuff. Then, once in a while, it’s a party or a wedding. Today, I looked, I said (mentally) no thanks. Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

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    • I get constant invites to something in the village hall, a get together with food, or it might be a lecture. I have attended a couple of things if there is a local author that wants to talk about writing and one of his books, but these things always happen on sunday morning when I have other things to do.
      My ex employer is always organing stuff for the retired members like me, but I have not gone once up to now. Too many golden oldies talking about the good old days, which were not always so good.


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