Good Morning

Snow 15.01 (18)

I asked Mr. Swiss how much snow we have now got in our area. He answered to measure the snow layer on the hedge because that is never walked on or cleared away, so  of course I took a photo and it must now be almost 20 centimeters – feet and inch people will have to do a calculation  x 2.54 or something like that. Anyhow you can measure it how you want to, but it is a lot of snow. Enough to make the journey to the edge of the garden spreading goodies for the birds, to resemble an arctic expedition. Up to now Mr.Swiss has returned safely. He will not let me go out there, as he would probably have to organise a rescue team.

Snow 15.01 (8)

In the meanwhile the trees at the edge of our territory are being weighed down by the snow. I now appreciate the picturesque side of the snow as I now longer have to go anywhere. I still drift back to the memories of having to go to work, with no choice, and hoping to arrive safely with no road problems caused by snow storms. We now take it easy and move into the snow landscape around 10 in the morning when the roads are safe to drive on. It has now stopped snowing, and there could be an ice danger, but if the roads are clear there is nothing to freez.

Otherwise life goes on. Last week there was a small problem in Switzerland for those that have post office accounts. Most people do online banking today, whether your account is at a bank of perhaps the post office. I have both. It seems that access to Swiss post office accounts per computer was not possible. I heard it on the Swiss news. They were still investigating what happend. I did not need to access my account on that morning, although if you really needed real money you can go to the post office and withdraw it. They always tell you when these things are not working, but to discover when they work again, you must continuously check yourself. I discovered the problem was a 1-2 hour problem and it is now working again.

My No. 1 son returned to work today.He had extended leave, because he still had some holiday left from last year which he had to use up. He never complains and I heard him leave on his way this morning around 7. He walks, so had his yeti boots on. Now we can eat brussel sprouts again with lunch, as son No. 1 very rarely eats green vegetables. It does tend to restrict the choice of veg and I am fed up with eating carrots and peas.

At the moment I feel like I am living in that Fargo film, where everywhere is white, and the police are dressed for the snow in their lovely thick jackets and boots. They make it look so easy in the film.

Snow 15.01 (16)

And now to move on wilst the goind is good. I have ticked off my early morning duties and now move onto phase 2, the cleaning of the state of the appartment.


This is an action photo, just taken in front of the garden with two blackbird visitors.My robin also just appeared. We have one, but I have not yet been able to capture him on a photo. They seem to be very shy, and also the lonesome hunters, always appearing on their own.

Have a nice day everyone, I am now off to do a far far better thing that I do everything morning.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • If I was in England I would say yes. But I have a comfortable life in Switzerland, do not have to go anywhere, and the roads are clear for driving. Now I can just admire the snow, knowing that life will continue as usual.


    • before I came to Switzerland 50 years ago, we only had snow now and again in england and the whole country collapsed, as they had, and still have, no idea how to deal with it. Switzerland is a snow country, and we cope quite well. Of course the early morning can be precarious when the snow has not yet been cleared, but during the morning everything returns to normal and we are compensated with the beautiful scenery.


  1. We are having a mild winter with occasional dips into colder temps and some snow. But I have to remind myself that two years ago, we got all the way to the end of January with NO snow at all and were about to have the party when we were hit by three blizzards in less than 10 days. We got 12 feet of snow (3.7 meters) in 5 weeks. Who knew you could even GET that much snow is such a short time? So, although I’m enjoying our nice, not icy ground, I’m not throwing a party yet. If we make it to the end of February, we are home free, Until then … well … anything can happen 🙂

    At least snow is pretty, right? Right.

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    • We are having a fairly normal Winter this year. It started after the New Year, which seems to be the usual. Perhaps a little colder than usual, but that has its advantages. Less insects in Summer and it cleans the earth of all sorts of stuff, but the flowers will return. saw a tree today, with so much snow on the bows, that one of the branches had broken, and it was a big tree and a big branch. Our snow usually disappears around carnival time, end of February, but it can also be March until we see the last snow. I don’t really care so much any more. Since I no longer go to work, my time is my own, snow or no snow.


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