Good Morning

Clearing snow

Sorry for the almost panorama view on the photo, but it was one of those mad moments when I was searching for my senses, just having left my bed, and heard the noise of the snow machine outside the bedroom window. Being dressed in my night dress and not resembling Caroll Baker in the film “Baby Doll” I did not lift the blinds, and took a photo with my mobile phone camera in between. I took at least 8 photos to make sure I got what I wanted. I have been trying for a snow clearing action photo for some time, but the plough only appears when I am not ready. I decided this morning it was now or never.

It makes a change from photos of blackbirds, as at the moment that is all the action I am getting outside the kitchen window. Mr. Swiss spread some goodies this morning, their favourite “fat” food with the oats and seeds, and now they are having a pecking competition in the snow to see who finds the most. There are a few sparrows cheering them on from the tree, where they are hanging onto the net containing the food ball. It is really action in front of the window at the moment. The crows and magpies are out in the snow covered landscape looking on in sympathy at the small fry. Mr. Swiss just remarked we have a real bird “mecca” in our back yard.

Yesterday evening I at last organised my cameras and their attachments in the cupboard where I had decided to put them. I moved the stuff in the cupboard to the bottom drawer and removed my camera stuff from the bottom drawer. I then realised that my cameras needed more room in the cupboard, so had to rethink my logistics. In the meanwhile I have found a solution I hope and will have another try today. I discovered two lens that I had almost forgotton I had. I also found three camera bags, which I never really need, but can use them for keeping the bits and pieces that belong to the camera. I have endless attachement wires for transporting photos from the camera to the computer which I never need, because this cyber golden oldie does it all with the chip in the camera. I must lead a boring life, when I occupy myself with such stuff.

And now to the work. Today I have a special Angloswiss pork roast which I would like to have in the oven within the next quarter of an hour, so I should make a move, preparing the veg and the meat. Today I am not going anywhere because I am homebound due to snowy circumstances. It is not snowing at the moment, but we now have at least 10 centimeters so not exactly inviting when you need a stick to support you.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • You have given me an idea, I havn’t made a meatloaf for some time. I think it is just as well that everyone waits for me at lunch time, otherwise the couch and me would also melt together.

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  1. True fairy tale land !
    Did the pork roast turn out well ?
    Have a lot of wires and transmitting devices with me too- printer wires, computer wires, phone chargers, camera chargers and so on.

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    • Definitely fairy land, but very cold. I think the fairies would freeze at the moment.
      The pork was fine – no problem. I roasted neck of pork, as find that the best part of a roast.
      I now have a box full of wires and plugs and have no idea what they are all for, but I will keep them, you never know.

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  2. Good catch! That’s a great picture. love the colors.

    I keep a camera in the bedroom because my window in the bathroom is the best way to catch the sunrise. Nothing has been spectacular enough in recent weeks to bother exposing my bed-warmed body to the icy morning and our snow is, for the moment, gone. More is expected … and February is really our big month for serious snow — though we’ve had it as early as October and as late at April because it’s New England, doncha know 🙂

    Maybe you have inspired me and I will take a few shots if we have anything at all to capture tomorrow. Now, it’s my turn. Chicken with mushroom in Alfredo sauce awaits me and I must go and prepare the dinner. I’m glad your birds have not abandoned you. They seem rare this year. I think because there is no snow cover and the woods is full with sufficient food. And the rivers are full of water, as are all the little lakes and streams, so they don’t need us yet. Ingrates!

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    • I have to be careful about taking photos, otherwise I would be doing nothing all morning except for getting that special shot. If I hear an interesting noise outside when I awake, I grab my mobile telephone camera and take a shot, which is the easiest and quickest way. Otherwise all my camera stuff is now in one place in the cupboard, nicely spaced out so that I can just take my pick. There are mornings when I have to say forget it otherwise I would only be taking photos, and I do have another life to lead. There are also mornings next to the breakfast, where I deicde to take a few pictures. Even we golden oldies have our stress.
      My vacuum cleaner awaits me after the blogging session. It has stopped snowing for the moment, and is very cold with minus temperatures, but Mr. Swiss braved the snow and ice to feed the birds this morning. I do not know if our birds have sufficient food otherwise at the moment, but they seem to be happy pecking around in my garden. I have an ideal window place and can watch it all whilst sitting here writing.


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