Good Morning


Sunrise is looking as stormy as it is. The snow has now gone, just a few spots here and there and we are not even left with wet remainders. Yesterday was a day filled with rumours of approaching high winds. Even the weather forecaster on the Swiss TV had to report from the studio instead of the live evening report from the high roof of the TV studios because of the strong winds. When I went to bed the winds were gathering in force and I heard a crash outside on the porch. Mr. Swiss had been battening down the hatches during the evening, but forgot a small collapsable table leaned again our garden garbage container, which was swept off its feet, but no breakage. Our neighbour on the top floor seems to store her PET plastic bottles on the balcony, and so they had all arrived in our garden through the wind.

This morning it is still windy, but not as bad as it was. The birds can fly and are now busy searching for food. The warmer weather seems to given them an appetite. Yesterday I saw that we were being invaded by female blackbirds.

Blackbird 12.01 (14)

I only saw the female of the species pecking around, probably searching for the new born worms of the season, although she did not find any. This time I could get quite close. They usually fly away as soon as I open the window, but she stayed where she was, so I ventured slowly but surely closer and she did not budge.

It is Friday again, so week-end shopping time. I spent some time yesterday evening composing my shopping list. No. 1 son is away this evening at a concert helping out with this and that and enjoying the loud music, so it will be a romantic evening with Mr.Swiss this evening, but no candlelight supper. We will be dining on frozen pizzas from the supermarket. Now and again I like a relaxed evening with nothing to do. Just warm up the oven, shove the pizza in and 10 minutes later you can eat it. Although I put plates on the table, I could spare the bother as I usually eat it by hand. The problem is which flavour to take. I like it plain and simple, just cheese and tomato, but now and again we have a fling with quattro stagioni (four seasons) where it has a bit of everything – oh the decisions we must make.

Magpie 11.01 (1)

This magpie will probably be glad that the snow has disappeared. It looks a little lost in our snowscape in the garden, probably wondering where to search for something to eat.

I nearly forgot, but yesterday it happened, it happened so thick and fast I lost count, but yes, I am now the proud possessor of 5005 followers in WordPress. I had a rocket speed increase yesterday and this morning I have topped the 5,000 mark. Ok, no big deal but the little things in a blogger’s life are the things that make it worth blogging. Of course, I would like to thank my faithful followers for their likes, comments, and actually reading my words of wisdom, or pehaps just my ramblings. Without you all I would be nothing, a mere collection of letters, words, sentences and parragraphs in this wide world of Blog. After reading through the last words, I should really win a Blogging oscar – my speech would definitely become famous. But to be serious, which I am not very good at, I treasure each one of you taking the time actually reading what I write and I really appreciate it. So now I will wipe my eyes and return to the problems of the day,

And now I things to do. My growing avocado tree needs its daily ration of water, the appartment needs its daily ration of vacuum cleaner, and above all I need my daily ration of exciting moments at the supermarket. See you on the flip side.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Thank you, I do my best, although not all result in sharp pictures. I always have the camera ready at home, but have three different lens and have to be quick in fitting the correct lens before the birds decide to move on.Sometimes I strike lucky and other times I have more in the garbage can on my photo programme,

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  1. Magpies look like they were born to be photographed against a background of snow 🙂

    If you have 5005 followers and half of them are humans who actually read you at least sometimes, you are WAY ahead of me. I have twice that many and I’m pretty sure 90% of them are robots!

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    • If I really have over 5,000 followers that read my stuff, then I should have 5,000 likes every day I suppose. Many come and go and some stay. At the beginning in WordPress no-one knew I had arrived and I could be lucky to have 10 followers, which were probably robots. To be honest, it is nice to have so many followers, but I am here for I, me and myself, and probably would otherwise do something stupid if I did not blog.Keeps my brain cells alive.
      We have a magpie colony that live somewhere near us and have been there as long as I know.


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