Flower of the Day: 13.01.2017 Amaryllis

Amaryllis 13.01 (10)

It is now time to show my amaryllis. It started to flower after Christmas, and now all four buds have opened, but I can only fit three into the photo, the fourth flower is hiding behind the others. It is my first amaryllis for a few years, but I have decided to keep the tradition of an amaryllis at Christmas. I had to put it on the floor, as it grew too tall for on a table. Here is it in the full length.

Amaryllis 13.01 (7)

Flower of the Day: 13.01.2017 Amaryllis

7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 13.01.2017 Amaryllis

    • I bought mine just before Christmas.Had I waited until after Chrismas they were selling them at half price, just my luck. I would like to keep it until next year, but have never tried it. I think I should let it grow further afterwards and produce leaves and perhaps keep it outside. Afterwards cut the leaves back towards the end of the year and it should flower again, but I have no idea.


    • Amaryllis are easy to grow. The main problem is when they are fully sized and lose their balance. I had to support mine yesterday and it was leaning too far in the wrong direction.

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