Daily Prompt: There is going to be a big change around here – Someday

Not today, or tomorrow, but one day there will be big change around here. This was one of my mum’s favourite sayings, casting a glance in my direction when she said it to emphasize it was my fault to bring about the great change. Probably I had made a mess in my room, or decided to do something that did not fall into her diciplinary laws. Do not worry, mum was forgetful and so the big change was programmed for someday in the unforeseen future, so it never happened.

Someday I might stop blogging. It often happens, when the time arrives after my Golden Oldie sleep, that I pump up the jam on my computer, see the title of the daily prompt and find, no, that is not for me. And then suddenly a spark ignites in tbe dark atomosphere of my brain (yes I have one). The cobwebs are burnt away and a spotlight encircles me as I sit at my desk, and I begin to write. Sometimes you can also a choir singing in the background.  I did a check today and discovered my first blog for WordPress, according to the statistics, was on 11th September, 2009, although I was then transcribing them from Blogger, so I probably began blogging in 2007. I was in another site, Multiply, for about 2 years or more until the site was disbanded. I was also in blogger. I am still in blogger, but only for a weekly “Picture This” Challenge belonging to my blogging collegue Mitch. And so the life of a blogger continues.

Someday I might stop blogging, if I run out of things to say. Mr. Swiss finds I never run out of things to say – on the contrary, I have an answer to everything, and apart from Blogging, talking is also one of my favourite pasttimes. I thought of  a day without blogging. If I did not blog on my computer, I would have an hour in the afternoon to do what I want to do. After my blogging session I usually spend time on uploading photos, which I can use for my blogs. I seem to live in a Catch22 situation, a vicious circle is surrounding my existence. When I am not blogging, I am doing things to apply to my blogs. Are situations in life blogworthy? Take a photo of this and that, you can definitely use it in your next challenge.

From 6 in the evening until 8 I would also be searching for a purpose in my  blogless life as I then deal with various blogging challenges. How would I fill the void in my life, if I did not blog. What would I do with my spare time.

Of course, I could begin to knit again. Perhaps I could collect stamps, even coffee cream lids – an explanation. We get our coffee cream in little plastic pots and there is a theme on the metallic lid. You can collect the lids to have a complete set of perhaps flowers, cars, trees etc. There are even albums made to fit the lids. The lids used to be made of real aluminium, but now are made in a plastic lookalike, so no longer interesting. Perhaps this is only a Swiss thing – no idea. Anyhow no danger, I will not begin to collect them – no I am a blogger and probably will remain a blogger until someday, whatever.

Today I reached 4,991 followers on my WordPress blog, so anything could happen. How could I stop blogging, blogging carries responsibility with it.. My followers would despair, and perhaps even jump off the  Empire State building out of desparation screaming “The AngloSwiss blog is no more”. There would be headlines in the national newspapers. CNN would report daily on the progress of the non-existence of the Anglo Swiss blog. Donald Trump would stop tweeting in sympathy.

No fellow bloggers, fans and disciples, do not worry, I will continued to the bitter end, until the blogging/music dies.

Daily Prompt: There is going to be a big change around here – Someday

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: There is going to be a big change around here – Someday

  1. I have been reading your blogs since last year. It’s not a long time BUT you’ll never, ever, ever, ever stop blogging or taking pictures. No matter what happens you’ll find a way to do it. Your frog will help you out. ☺🐸🐸☺

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    • Same here, I do not actually remember how and when we found each other, it was definitely meant to me.If they ever do the story of my life on TV, I hope they invite you as my surprise and most wanted to meet guest.


    • I have no real intentions of stopping at the moment, although there might be times in between when I have real life things to do. I always look forward to seeing your photo of the day in the daily prompt.

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