Colour Your World: Sepia

Sepia & bw wheat field

One of my photo shop experiements

Sissinghurst farm

I could not resist showing this photo.It was taken probably at the turn of the century or beginning of the 20th century at the farm at Sissinghurst castle where my grandmother grew up. It shows the people picking the hops for making beer. Whether my grandmother is on the photo I am not sure, but it could be the little girl on the left. She had it in her photo collection in any case. The family were farm labourers, and she grew up in the priest’s house at the castle. As a young lady her first work was probably in the diary at the castle.  Later on the castle was taken over by the Sackville West family and Vita Sackville West converted the land surrounding the castle into gardens, which are still a popular place to visit today in England.

Colour Your World: Sepia

10 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Sepia

    • I was once an amateur genealogist and reserached my family.I had software on the computer and found the links to the various sites.I must say the mormon sites were very useful and they have a mine of information gathered in once place.I went back almost 200 years. Only my dad’s father’s family were a problem. My great grandfather was not baptised and there were two places given where he was born. I discovered his parents names and that was that -no more links to investigate. The Huguenot section were most useful. I have original marriage certificates in French and discovered the village where their origins were in France, until they fled to London, via Germany.


    • Yes,she grew up in the heart of the country, until she met my grandfather and the she was swept off to the docklands area of London, but she brought her country cooking with her and made delicious cakes and pastries.

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