Good Morning


Sunrise over Feldbrunnen through the snow, an early morning photo. Well early for me as it was 7.40 this morning. I took two photos within 5 minutes and noticed how quickly the sun rises, although it has now risen and everything is grey.

After spreading out breakfast for the birds, I decided  to prepare my zoom lens on the camera for a few photos, which also put me behind in my timetable. Actually Mr. Swiss now spreads out the goodies for our feathered friends, as he is a little worried that I might slip and fall on the ice – who me? Never, well almost never. Mr. Swiss has a problem. Somewhere he has a pair of solid state snow and ice protective boots, but cannot remember where he put them and has to manage with what he finds. It is just a problem of golden oldie forgetfulness. My special anti skid boots are naturally available and ready, but he prefers the ones he cannot find.

I should actually get on with the necessities of life and not dither around telling everyone about life in the early morning Angloswiss household.

Yesterday evening I was reading again. My evenings had been spent with watching a TV, DVD that Mr. Swiss had. It is not often that I bother with the screen in the evening as a lot of programmes on the TV are just plain monotonous, different names, same situations. There is a popular series on Swiss TV at the moment, which is very rare as Swiss television is not exactly the most original TV in Europe. It is called “The Undertaker” and centres on a guy that has an undertaking company which he took over when his father died. He was orginally a police officer (what else?) and naturally mixes his job with investigations on suspicious corpses he buries. He had an appretice, who has now completed his exams as a fully fledged undertaker and I suppose he is the hit of the programme: a young man, a goth, dressed in black with a white shirt and frills, and looks like something from the living dead, but is really good in the role. It is one of the most, and probably, only successful programmes that the Swiss have. Otherwise their specialitiy seems to be news, weather and political discussions, so I go back to reading my book.

Someone mention on a social site this morning the film “Burn After Reading” a parody on the CIA starring John Malkovich in a parade roll. Mr. Swiss had DVD this film and said he must watch it again (for the third or fourth time). Brad Pitt is also in the film and it is very amusing, but Malkovich is so cool in this film. It is a Joel and Ethan Cohen film which is always a good thing. Oh, not only Brad Pitt but George Clooney is in the film, so what could be better ladies.

And now to move on, there are things to be bought for dinner and places to see like a supermarket. The snow is still here, but hopefuly not on the roads – yes our Swiss road cleaning heroes deserve a medal for the snow plough mastership this year.

I hear the merry sound of the Dyson in the background which is a signal to join forces with Mr. Swiss on his cleaning expedition in the wilds of the appartment. Have a nice day everyone and make the most of the day, whether you have sun, wind, snow, tempest or hurricaine, always look on the bright side.

Crows in snow 10.01 (2)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My TV stays out most of the time being, too. I just read some things on the internet and then I go to bed and read a book. You have read about me partaking in a Book challenge. I am on book two. I will not reach 60, for sure, as that would include reading a book that is about to be published, just not yet or reading a book from an author of a certain author-society or things like that. I could not care less about that.
    But I like “books with autumn in title or on cover” or “book with green/yellow/blue cover” as challenges. Or books by non-German, non-US and non-UK-authors. That was easy, I just read a Swiss author!

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    • Same here. I saw that you are partaking in a reading challeng and also had a look at the challenge, but decided it would not fit in my timetable. I am spending long enough at the computer, although it interested me. I read books originally written in english, in the english language, and books written in German, in German. I have caught up on a lot of the German classics thanks to Mr. Swiss and be able to read original versions. I read anything and everything, I like change in my books. Although I am quite partial to supernatural, criminal and books based in London. I also like to catch up on the classics I have never read.

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