Daily Prompt: Overclinging

Clinging plastic

A roll of transparent clingy plastic, useful as a wrapping device. It can  be found.in almost every kitchen. The problem is that it overclings to an extent that it clings where it should not cling and tends to cling to itself. For demonstration purposes I wrapped a banana skin in the plastic foil to show its use. The idea is, that if needed, the foil is pulled through the slit in the box and cut with the serrated edge provided. This sounds so easy, but that is where easy ends.

How often do you have food needing to be wrapped hygenically? This foil solves all problems. Give it a tug, pull out as much as you need and wrap it around the food and that is where the problems begin. Pulling it from the roll is a problem in itself, because it clings, it seems to diffuse and you have to find the beginning of the plastic, hoping you folded it nicely when last using it.  I solve this problem by folding the end of the plastic around itself to prevent it clinging to itself at the edge of the plastic.  You then find where to pull where the edge is thicker, but after pulling it begins to cling onto itself. Instead of a super clean sheet of plastic, it forms folds and wrinkles where wrinkles should not be. Of course you can separate the  clinging parts, but they then begin to cling in other places, to each other.

Men land on the moon, we can send satellites around the earth, we discover oil and other minerals on our planet, but we are not able to produce a simple roll of non-clinging plastic easy to protect our food in the kitchen which can be separated after use from the mother roll.

When you have finished wrapping what you want to wrap, the next problem in not far away. Of course you can place the foil on the serrated edge supplied in the box to tear it in a clean straight line, but it is still clinging somewhere where it should not cling, so forget the clean straight line. Eventually you become impatient and cut the plastic  This works, although you are left with a sloping edge on the plastic. Another reason for uttering a profanity, but eventually the job is completed and you are left with a roll of plastic, the end of the plastic clinging to the wrong places on the roll. Are you following me? I am having problems following myself in this explanation.

With time the roll of clinging plastic seems to be thicker on one side because you could not find the end, as it had combined itself with other ends. That is when you give up, because it becomes impossible to find the actual edge of the plastic foil. It seems to have melted together with other layers on the roll. The best solution is to throw the roll away and buy a new one.

There is one advantage of the clinging plastic, however. I once broke my arm and it was encased in various protective bandages and plasters. Before having a shower I wrapped the clinging plastic around the protective layers on my arm, to prevent it getting wet under the shower: a perfect solution. So remember for wrapping body parts it is ideal, just not for kitchen tasks.

Daily Prompt: Overclinging

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Overclinging

  1. Plastic wrap makes me crazy. Not ONLY does it cling to itself far better than it does to any other surface, but it stretches when you try to tear off a piece and will not tear cleanly. I you try to cut it with a scissors or knife, it only makes it worse. For every piece I actually use, I through away wads and wads of it.

    It is my last resort. I have been known to violently attack an uncooperative roll of cling wrap and stab it to death. Doesn’t help me wrap anything, but I feel much better afterwards 🙂

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    • They once did a programme about it on our TV and how unpractical it was. They compared the various different makes, but none passed the test. It is the nightmare of every housewife. I don’t know why the secret service has not developed it further for the ultimate weapon. You cannot win against it, it survives every wrap. It sticks to knives and scissors as if it had undergone a training programme to win a fight in the kitchen.


  2. You mention all my frustration with plastic wrap. It been that way for over 50 years. You would think by now they eiuld have done some upgrade. Once you have piece and cover what you eant to save, it won’t cling to thevother service.

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