Good Morning

Icicle 08.01 (3)

I think the birds have now reached their limit on food. In the early morning Mr. Swiss now braves the snow and ice to reach the bird house and fill it with the daily ration of seeds. There used to be a time when the birds would wait for breakfast, now they cannot be bothered. Are they perhaps overfed? I have come to the conclusion they are living the good life with us. Perhaps the snow clad roof and the icicle on the side is bothering them. This morning Mr. Swiss only had to fill up half of the seeds. Generally everything is gone after 2 hours. The crows and magpies still arrive for the morning bread ration, which they are not suppose to be eating because it contains salt, but they thrive, although it seems the blackbirds are now moving in on the territory.

It snowed again through the night. Mr.Swiss made the comment this morning “I am sure you are glad you no longer have to go to work in this weather” and how right he is. I remember the days, about 8 years ago was the last memory, when I would move off on the 5 minute drive which became almost 30 minutes, because of the road conditions. Early in the morning is not the time when the road cleaners work and everything is frozen. Today I can enjoy the snow, I even find it pretty.

Yesterday I was in the supermarket taking my usual photos of the latest arrivals in the plant world for my blogs and a lady, golden oldie like myself, asked me why I was taking the photos. I explained that I collect them for my blog (I think I used another word, as most golden oldies do not understand the word “blog” especially if they are Swiss golden oldies) and she nodded with a smile on her face, either thinking I was an eccentric or just plain crazy.

Yesterday evening I spent the time in front of the TV with my iPad, at last sorting my photos of various birds. I had them all grouped together and discovered it was much easier in the comfort of my chair to sort them on the iPad, instead of concentrating on the computer. I now have them in sections named by the various bird sorts, like sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons etc. etc. Little things please little minds I suppose. Mr. Swiss had recorded the last two episodes of my female british crime series with the two lady police officers. It was not as good as the first parts as their boss had now gone into retirement.  Actually I have a book to read on my Kindle, but am not in the mood for reading at the moment.

And now I am off, yes today is a work day, with a bathroom and kitchen to clean – but at the end of the day it is all done and I can return to being a normal domesticated golden oldie with a computer.

Have fun with whatever you are doing, and make the most of it, life is too short to get annoyed about cleaning stupid bathrooms and kitchens – at least that is what I try to tell myself.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 19.01 (1)

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Every winter, Garry looks at me and says “I’m so glad I don’t have to stand out there with a microphone anymore!” For years, the worse the weather, the more Garry was standing in front of a camera telling everyone what they could see for themselves by looking out the window. He would some home from work frozen solid. I could when I watched the news that he could barely get his lips to move, he was so cold. And loving NOT commuting! The early morning scraping the ice off the car and digging out so you could actually GET to work? I do NOT miss it. I wouldn’t mind the money, but I can’t even imagine doing that again. I served my time.

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    • I think we all went through it at some time. It is one of the parts of a working life that I am glad are gone. Mr.Swiss had to travel at least an hour to get to work and left already at 5.00 in the morning. In Winter it could take longer if the roads were congested with snow and ice. We are both glad those days are gone. It is a wonder that no-one had an accident. Yes, they were really not the good old days.


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