Good Morning

>Veal Stew 08.01.2017

And another week-end behind us. It seems only yesterday that we saw the New Year in and we are now already half way through January. Yesterday was a veal stew day. I began preparations at 9.00 in the morning and let it cook until midday. Note the marrow bones I cook with it, we are quite partial to the soft centres. There is also a calves foot on the top righthand side. I got that trick from my Swiss mother-in-law. I think she added some sort of unedible bone with everything sie cooked for a nice sticky sauce. Actually she was the person that taught me how to prepare a Swiss roast for Sunday. The Brits seem to put a lump of meat in the oven with cooking fat or whatever and let it cook for a couple of hours, with no additions. The Swiss cook it with veg, some wine, and herbs. I have my own herbs in the garden, and they are still surviving despite the frosty days, although currently I only have sage and rosemary avaialble. There is some thyme, but it has hidden itself somewhere beneath the rosemaary. With practice, which is supposed to make perfect, I have develped the basics of Swiss mother-in-law’s recipe to suit our own tastes. 

Otherwise Sunday was nothing special. I took a few photos and wrote a few masterpieces in my blogging world. I now notice that WordPress are giving me suggestions for other blogging sites, only two of them a day and mostly the same ones. When they informed me of this new and improved service I was not really impressed. On the other hand it is always useful to see what the others are doing. One of the reasons I like to look in the reader in the morning before my computer day begins – I suppose it broadens my horizon. I then progressed to thinking whether WordPress recommend my humble sites to others. This is something I will never discover, because I am me and not the others – just wondering.

Today there are not big plans. A walk through the supermarket with Mr. Swiss and my camera, which reminds me I should make some sort of shopping list. Yesterday we had noodles

Noodles 08.01 (2)

so today I will probably do something with potato, preferably fried – and a veg. I would love to cook brussel sprouts again, have not had any since Christmas, but there is a reason. No. 1 son is still on holiday this week and is eating lunch at home and does not eat green vegetables as he finds them suspicious, so no brussel sprouts until he returns to work.

It has now stopped snowing, and we are left with a semi frozen layer of about 5-6 centimeters which will now begin to diminish as warmer weather is predicted for this week. I even found an icicle on my bird feeding house. The sparrows are now pecking around on the ground for the leftovers from the crows and magpies.

I noticed my amaryllis has open yet another flower and now there are three. Only one to go and its work will be completed.


Have a nice day, be good, and have a look in the reader – who knows, I might be recommended – fame at last.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I think we have about 7-8 hours difference. As I am now writing you are either in bed or thinking about it. Most of our shrimps are imported from the far east, so I have to be careful when buying them as often they are bred with all sorts of chemicals in the water, if you can call the stuff they have water. Shrimp production in tanks is beginning in Switzerland. I do not mind paying a little more for something I know I can eat.


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