Colour Your World: Outrageous Orange

Outrageous orange

This is the close up of the switch on my electric rail for the various plugs I have when working with the computer. I have my Kindle uploader plugged in, my Apple computer uploader and a spare for my iPad or iPhone when needed. I am now working on my Microsoft computer, so that is also plugged in. This is outrageous enough to qualify.

And now I have discovered I have a big problem with this challenge.I did it all last year, almost every day, and now we have the same colours, naurally. To avoid bringing the same photos again, I have decided to take a photo of the day of the colour necessary and I am hoping I find one somewhere. Yesterday there was a melon colour in the bathroom cupboard, and today a switch colour on my desk. Amazing how versatile I can be for a golden oldie.

Colour Your World: Outrageous Orange

11 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Outrageous Orange

  1. I know what you mean, using the same photos. I’ve been doing that, but also trying to add at least one new one if I can. Honestly, some of these colors could be interchanged with each other, at least how I see the colors. 🙂 It’s still fun to do the challenge.

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