Daily Prompt: Specifically Speaking


“What’s that?”

“You wrote tomatoes on the shopping list, so I brought tomatoes.”

“But not mini tomatoes, the size of a pea. How am I supposed to bake them? I need real tomatoes, the normal sized ones, the tomatoes I can cut in two halves, sprinkle with salt and pepper and garnish with some sage and thyme. I would need a microscipe to disect those dwarf tomatoes you have brought. me.”

“You should really be more specific with your shopping list. If you write “tomato” I bring tomato. You should have specified “normal tomatoes”, or perhaps the biggest tomatoes you can find.”

“No, because if I had written the biggest tomatoes you could find, you would have brought me those special hyrid tomatoes, the ones with the way lines in the flesh, and one would be enough to feed a family.I just wanted normal tomatoes, nothing fancy with frim frams on the side+

“The tomatoes I brought do not have frim frams on the side. They are plain and simple and have small green stalks where they were picked from the plant. And they were in a special offer. They were half the price of the normal sized tomatoes.Define “normal”.”

“I do not have to define “normal”, anyone knows what a normal tomato is, with an exception of you. Of course they were half price, because no-one wants tiny tomatoes. They are tasteless and not very fresh. They are going soft already. It is only the tomatoes on the top of the packet that are fresh and firm. Underneath they are soft and useless.”

“I thought I would be saving money, you are always on the look-out for bargains.”

“But not with tomatoes. Tomatoes must be firm, tasty, fresh and a good sensible size: not the refuse left on the compost heap that the farmer could not sell. And they are not local produce, but imported. They were probably already disintegrating on the transport.”

“Ok, the next time you want me to bring tomatoes, then state “fresh, local, medium sized tomatoes” and I will bring you what you specifically required. All you wrote down was 1 Kilo of tomatoes and so that is what I brought. You can be so unspecific sometimes. It is the last time I will bring anything, you can go yourself the next time.”

“Typical, I am sure you brought the wrong tomatoes on purpose, because you did not really want to do the shopping. What about the potatotoes, where are they?”

“Potatoes were not on the list.”

“Of course they are, I wrote them down yesterday.”

“But the list I have is today’s list. I do not have yesterday’s list.”

“That was because you did not go shopping yesterday. You had more important things to do. If you had gone shopping yesterday, I would have had potatoes.”

“Do you need potatoes?”

“That is not the point, and perhaps it is just as well that you did not bring any: judging by the state of the tomatoes, you would probably have brought the wrong potatoes.”

“Potatoes are potatoes and tomatoes are tomatoes.*

“Exactly, typical. There are large sized normal tomatoes which you did not buy, because you preferred to bring the exotic squashy miniature tomatoes. Just as well that you did not bring potatoes. You would have probably just taken the next plastic bag full.”

“Of course, potatoes are packed in plastic bags.”

“Not the ones I like, I prefer the potatoes in the open boxes in the store. Then you can choose exactly the size you need and know they are perfect in shape.”

“It is a good job I did not have to bring any eggs.”


“Because I would now be throwing them at you.”

Daily Prompt: Specifically Speaking

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Specifically Speaking

  1. haha! The ‘good’ tomatoes are not in season now so I fall back on the small tomatoes (we call them cherry tomatoes), and they are really good cooked on the stove top or in salad. Kind of a pain to cut if you want them on a sandwich, though.

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    • We get both, usually from dutch produce in Winter, never having seen earth in their life, and fairly tasteless. I like the small ones for serving on the table, and the larger ones for baking or a sandwich. We also call them cherry tomatoes. Switzerland is a tomato producing country, and I used to grow them myself in the garden when I was more active. Home grown or summer tomatoes are the best.

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  2. When Garry shops for me, I write essays. “NOT the vine tomatoes, but not the hothouse tomatoes. Just regular if they are firm, but if not, get plum tomatoes. They are always firm.” Maybe I get what I want, maybe not. Be specific.


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