To be quite frank, 2016 was not a good year, too many bad things happened. At the beginning of the year I went through many tests at the local hospital with the result that I was diagnosed with MS and probably had it for at least 40 years without being recognised as what it actually was.

My father passed away in July. Although he was 100 years and 7 months, it was sad. Metally he was in good condition, able to have a conversation with you, but I was in Switzerland and he was in England. It was probably my last visit to England for his funeral.

There must always be a good memory somewhere, so I suppose it was buying a new Nikon camera, a smaller one than I already had, and  a long wanted macro lens. Later I also got myself a 300 zoom lens.

I think my favourite memory was that I could say goodbye to 2016.



  1. I think many people for many reasons were glad to see the last of 2016. The best part of the year for me was a year ago in Arizona. After that, it pretty much fell apart. But we are here and we are still making trouble. Let’s just keep on keeping on! That’s a very cool camera. I hadn’t realized how much smaller it is than your previous model. Lovely!!

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    • I tried to think of the good days last year. It was comparatively good in England, although the reason for being there was not so good. But afterwards I could relax for the first time in many years knowing that the Damocles sword over my head had gone. I decided on a smaller camera, and stuck with Nikon. I still used the Nikon7000 with my Macro lens, but the other camera I can fit into my bag and take it everywhere.


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