11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Names

    • I know the guy that sells the cheese in the supermarket, and he certainly knows his cheeses. He often helps out with the cold meat, if there are not enough serving behind the counter.


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  3. Yum!!! In the mid-seventies, when I worked over the winter in Grindelwald, I used to buy hot cheese pies in town and always burned my mouth because I couldn’t wait to eat them. They were so good! Fondue, raclette, etc., so good.


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    • You probably mean Chäschuechli. We can buy them frozen here, but I have also made them myself. I prefer making on big Chäschuche. It is a pastry shell filled with a mixture of grated cheese, milk and eggs, although I used cream instead of milk – and of course a sprinkling of pepper.


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