Daily Prompt: We are all floating down here.

Float? Who floats? Well we all float down here in the famous words of Pennywise the Clown in the novel “It” by Stephen King to Georgie, a little boy who had just lost his boat in a drain. Of course, there are no clowns in a drain, but it was the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the word float. I remembered the sentence “We all float down here” when I saw the word “float”. I read the book “It” many year ago. It was my first Stephen King book, leading to many others, but still remains my favourite.

Of course there are tons of things to say about floating. If you decide to kill someone you do not particularly like, then before you dispose of the body by throwing it in a river, make sure to tie a stone to the feet. You can also embed the feed in concrete in the fashion of the gangsters in the Chicago era. To let the relatives and friends of the departed know where they could find the victim, they often sent them a parcel containing fish – how helpful. The body will not float to the top, but remain in the depths when weighed down: otherwise it will float to the top, be discovered by a passing person “Look, there is a dead body floating in the river” and probably be reported to the police who will fish it out, discover who was responsible and you will get arrested. Some things are better not floating.

Let’s go to a happier theme, that was just a little advice jogged by the memory of the word “Float”. Actually I decided that this year I would not write so much, but again I have broken my new rule. Rules are there to be broken and are more fun. Ah yes, something completley different.

Snow 05.01 (4)

Yesterday it snowed and I decided to take a few action photos. I managed to catch the snow from my porch with the camera in the act of floating. I myself do not float, I sink. I was never a great swimmer, altough if you throw a dog in water, it swims with the front paws to ensure that it stays floating. I decided if a dog can do it, so can I, and that was how I managed to learn how to stay afloat, by copying the dog. After many years at school of being one of the few that sank, rather that floated in the swimming pool, I suddenly could do it. I think I was also helped by using those inflatable wings. The teacher saw me. Now that was no so good, but she was happy and triumphal that her only non swimmer could now swim, so she entered me for the beginner’s width and the annual school Swimming gala. I was used to standing in the pool and swimming, but at a gala you dive in and swim from the edge. I took my courage into my limbs, jumped in and swam for my life. I survived and was given a ticket when I arrived at the other side to show I was No. 3 in the beinner’s width. Yes I could float.

Otherwise let’s forget the whole thing. Floating is not my thing – Stephen King was wrong, we do not all float down here, some of us sink.

Daily Prompt: We are all floating down here.

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: We are all floating down here.

  1. Ha! When I read the title to your piece I knew exactly what you were referencing. I loved “It”. Pennywise is one of Stephen King’s scarier creations. I love his books though for me “Dead Zone” was my first. I didn’t read “It” until a few years ago. Are you going to watch the new “It” movie when it releases?

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    • It’s funny how that sentence stayed with me and I immediately thought of it when I saw today’s prompt. I am a Stephen King fan and have read most of the books and seen a few films, but I prefer books. Films always leave so much out of the story. I did not know a new “It” film had been made, but will keep an eye out for it.

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      • I agree. I prefer books over movies though I do hope for someone to stick to the book every now and then. I’m not sure about the new “It” movie as the pictures of the new Pennywise don’t really seem to fit the character I remember, but I’ll probably still see it anyway.


  2. Well done, never say die! Your next step could be to watch birds when they take off. Perhaps you can ape them (is it possible to ape birds?) and fly over the Matterhorn. Failing that, you could stay afloat in the air and not slip on the ice.

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    • Online I can do it all,but in reality my walking stick gets in the way these days. I do watch birds in the air, but usually with my camera and the 300 lens. These days I have problems climbing steps, but I am excellent at lift riding. By the way I was 12 years old when I leant to swim and am now 70 and still cannot ride a bike.


  3. Dear Mrs. Anglo-Swiss, Dusty T. Dog here. I appreciate very much that you were able to find something helpful in our dog behavior. That is why we exist, to help humans. Your friend forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • It was a pleasure Dusty. Thanks to the canine race, I learned how to swim. The next time you have a conversation with Tabby, perhaps you could give her some advice about helping humans, she only helps herself.

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  4. The problem with disposing of the body by weighing it down and tossing it into a body of water is that eventually, no matter how much you weight it down, it will pop to the top. I’m sure, from watching several hundred BBC murder mysteries that burial deep in a woods is a much better choice. Just saying.

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    • Thanks for the advice, I may need it the next time I have to dispose of a body. Fred West buried them in the cellar. I think Dr. Crippen put his wife in the cellar as well, but Christie walled a couple up. They often find bodies in the woods in the German murder films.


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