Colour Your World: Bitter Sweet

Autumn Berries (2)

I almost had to give up on this one, so I fed the word berry into my online album and this one arrived. A photo I took last Autumn on one of my hikes with a camera and a stick. I think we call them “Vogelbeere” which would mean bird berries, because they are definitely not fit for human consumption, so I would not know if they were bitter or sweet, probably something in between.

Berries on a tree

And then I decided to explore further in my archives and what did I find? No idea what this is, but they could be red currents, but if the colour fits then go for it.

Colour Your World: Bitte Sweet

4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Bitter Sweet

    • The berries in the first photo are definitely poisonous and grow wild.The other berries are probably red currents and I most likely too the photo from someone’s garden.


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