Snow 05.01 (11)

I do not really have favourite New Year’s Eve Memories. For 30 years I knew that after the New Year, usually on 3rd January, it was back to work for me and Mr. Swiss. I would still be recovering from the tasks of cooking for everyone at home, making sure that everyone was happy with the festive seasonal food, and I would be clearing away the Christmas tree, the decorations and fill the bin with unwanted wrapping paper.

The Eve of the New Year was the beginning of the end. The evening of the 2nd January would arrive. Both Mr. Swiss and I had a sinking feeling knowing that tomorrow it was back to the daily dredge. Generally Christmas and New Year would be snow free, but usually at midnight on 2nd January, or perhaps an hour earlier, it would begin to snow as it it had been saved   over the Chrismas holiday as a surprise start to the new year working day. And it would snow and snow and snow. In the morning we set off to work in our cars. Mr.Swiss direction Bern, and me direction village outside of Solothurn.

Beginning work after a 1-2 week holiday was never fun, but it was double misery driving through the snow and ice, as at 7.00 a.m. the roads had not yet been cleared, and after the holiday everything was at a slow start.

Memories of a special new year’s Eve, due to throughts of future snow and work at home and in the office, do not exist – not only am I the Christmas grinch but the New Year misery.  No, there was never a happy new year in that sense of the word. And in my days of being a teenager in England, we did not even get the day off school or work for the day. It was only in later years that the Brits discovered it might be a good idea.

Perhaps this year and the last couple were happy memories when I could relax and say “Happy New Year” to Mr. Swiss sealed with a kiss, because we knew it would be a happy begin without the stress of returning to the work and daily stress routine and who cares about the snow.

Writing Prompt 4: Favourite New Year’s Memory


  1. Since Garry and I have been together — and it’s hard to remember much before that — New Year’s hasn’t been such a big deal. Even before Garry, I used to have a party on New Year’s Day, not New Year’s Eve. Because everyone is always busy busy busy on the Eve, but no one has anything to do on New Year’s Day.

    But I do love that New Year’s Eve kiss 🙂

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    • New Year was never a big deal, just became a bigger one when I move over to Switzerland as here they even have a holiday on New Year’s Day. In England it was just a normal day and I do not remember staying up with mum or dad to see the new year in. Here you just get the normal party time on the TV, at midnight various church bells ringing from various Swiss churches and otherwise there might be a party. The youngsters usually congregate in town in their favourite places and we golden oldies try not to fall asleep before midnight. We used to drink a glass of bubbly, but we do not bother any more. I do not miss it as I never really enjoyed it anyhow,


    • There are certain aspects of being retired and not having to do anything that are positive in retirement, so we make the most of it. I am no longer speedy Gonzales in any case, so everything goes slower and stress is a word that no longer exists in my vocabulary.To you also a good year.

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      • I am taking my time to do things also, and mostly do the “fun” thing I like to do. Most of the others are optional. Due to the side effect from cancer (I have been posting about that), I get enough sleep before I get up. Most of the appointments are late morning or early afternoon. Happy 2017 all year long for you and Mr. Swiss.

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        • Sorry to hear of your problems. My side effects are not so serious, but just effects of having MS. I have to take it easy, no more rushing about, but I am getting along OK and need no support at home. Just when I go anywhere because of the giddy spells now and again, and uncertainy with walking. I also like to take it easy in between, but I still manage the housework.

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          • I could do the house work, go to the gym, go to church, take classes at the University that has program for retired. I just start my late around 9:00 or 10:00 am. I massage my legs every night.


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