Good Morning


It snowed again yesterday. Seems that the weather is giving us the stuff in instalments. There were even clouds up in the sky this morning. One of my first adventures when I rise is to brave the freezing temperatures and take a photo of what is happening in my little corner of the world. I have discovered something called “pano” on my telephone camera, where I can take long narrower photos. I noticed on Facebook there is a constant advertisement telling me that they can help me to find all the possibilities of photography on my phone. Always being ready for advice, help and improvement I gave them a click. The next window lead me to where I should give them my e-mail address and all sorts of other information. I decided forget it. If it is not free then I am not interested. I leave too many trails in this Internet world already.

Mr. Swiss just told me it is snowing again, although he was not sure if it was rain, but yes it is snow, very fine but tumbling down. Our ski resorts in Switzerland will be glad as they have had to distribute snow with machines up to now and that is not only expensive but not so environment friendly.

Apart from hearing the monotonous caws of the crows at the moment, I can hear our local road troop driving on the paths on our estate removing the layer of snow and ice that accumulated during the night and now the church bells are pealing in competition with each other. Mr.Swiss found it might be a burial, although they usually do not take place so early in the morning and do not sound so happy go lucky. It is probably some sort of special day in the catholic church, they have many I believe.

I am glad that I do not have to go anywhere and see things today and can just admire the scenery. At the moment I have about 20 sparrows in front of ny window all pecking away at the special ground food we spread out for them, which contains more fat (bird friendly fat – costs enough) to keep them nice and warm. I can also see Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird amongst them. I notice that the blackbirds seem to be peace loving birds. They never squabble or fight amongst themselves or with the others, and often appear pairwise, although the ladies are more active with gathering food than the men – is that so surprising.

And now I have places to go and things to see, like windows to clean. My computer now says it is time for a rest, and is complaining about his sticky keys from my breakfast slices of jam. I should really do something about it. I notice that my space bar no longer wants to space as often as it should. I put it down to the jam that might have fallen between the keys. Oh the problems of a cyber golden oldie.

Keep safe, see you on the flip side some time again today – with clean windows I hope.

Snow in the garden

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We seem to be having parallel winters. We get some rain, then it gets cold and we get some snow. Then, warms up and the snow melts … but it chills down again and we have a bit more snow. Bits and pieces. So far (thank you) nothing major, nothing serious enough to require plowing. If this is the way winter goes, I’ll be happy. Thrilled, even.

    Both of us are feeling a bit off our feed. I don’t know if it’s the rapidly changing weather or a virus or whatever, but it’s frustrating. And there’s nothing much going on, so we aren’t doing much. I don’t (gasp!) even know exactly what I’m making for dinner!

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    • The rain has now made way for the snow here and we have quite a layer of it, but the roads and pavements/sidewalks are clear thanks to our street workers. Since becoming a genuine golden oldie with retirement and not having to go places, I really quite like the snow.Something different for a photo.
      I have had some digestive problems lately, but I discovered it was a certain sort of cheese I bought, which I have now disposed of. Funny, I like lunch, although I now only take one helping, but in the evening I do not really have a big appetite. I have made my week-end shopping list on our clouds. My No. 1 son always has appetite, and it seems what we leave he eats, which means there is actually never anything left.


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