If you’ve made any New Year’s Resolutions, are any of them repeats from last year.

Empty Christmas Tent

Every single one of them. They even put up a tent in the local supermarket to sell them, two for one, if anyone is interested. They would be a bargain, like write stuff down because you are always forgetting it.

I know I said some time this week that golden oldies no longer make resolutions, because there is nothing left to resolute.That  is why Mr.Swiss and I now hover on the same cloud in the cyberworld. What I write on my notes on my telephone, he gets on his as well. I sent him an invitation to join my cloud and he accepted. This is not really a resolution, but a way of life. What I write, he sees and the other way around. If I forget something I hope he remembers it and there we stand together in the supermarket cancelling the stuff on the cloud that we have already put in the trolley.

And now I must go into the tent and see if any of my resolutions have been bought although I am giving them away for free – they cost nothing, because there is nothing there.



  1. We too share a cloud, a total lack of resolutions (except for that “cleaning out the back rooms thing) … and it takes two of us to finish a thought these days. I say, “Hey, do you remember the name of that movie starring …. what’shername and you know, him? Tall one? dark hair?” And Garry sometimes can actually figure it out from that. Sometimes it goes the other way. But we are the subject and predicate of a sentence. Is that romantic or what?

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    • It could be the beginning of a new romance, but perhaps you should look in Internet. We are constantly consulting it on our iPads if we forget something, which we usually do.It is no rare occasion for us to start searching in the middle of a meal because we were discussing some film or other and could not remember who was in the film, although we actually knew it, it was just the name we could no longer name.


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