Good Morning


I drag myself out of bed, open the blinds to see if the world is still there (it was) and grope my way into real life once again. I have a new morning duty, I check on my amaryllis. Did it survive the night? Is it having problems producing the flowers? And so the second task is  to take its photo, documenting every step in its life. I now have three promises of flowers, and there is a fouth which cannot be seen on the photo, on the other side. Yes life is exciting at home, there is action everywhere.

I was not so happy with my breakfast this morning. The last shopping safari was two days ago when we bought bread. Yesterday was not a bread buying day and generally that is OK. There is always enough and we even have enough left for the crows and magpies outdoors. They have got accustomed to their breakfast, although it is not supposed to be good for them, but they do not seem to be fussy. Humans have been feeding them leftovers from the kitchen since at least 100 years, even my grandmother did it, and they still come back for more.

Anyhow this morning the birds were happy and contented with their breakfast, but I was not. When I arrived in the kitchen Mr. Swiss had already been busy preparing the bread and produced two pieces which were still edible for mankind, actually meaning my breakfast. The rest were too dried up for human consumption. I must say the two slices reserved for my breakfast, were also borderline cases, but I managed to swallow them, washed down with a cup of tea to soften them that they did not stick in my throat. I have added bread to the shopping list today.

Since we have the list on a phone cloud it functions well. Mr. Swiss writes what he finds necessary and so do I. No more scraps of paper with unidentifiable squiggles that should be qualified as handwriting. Now it is perfectly clear. You now see Mrs. and Mrs. Anglo-Siws walking around the supermarket, both with a mobile phone each in their hands as a guide to the shopping. Now and again we pause to eliminate the articles already in the trolly. Yes, we have become cyber golden oldies with a mission.

Mr. Swiss got a message on his computer this morning that he was entering a dangerous web site with suspicious content. I immediately looked over his shoulder to see where he had gone surfing and it was Google Chrome. You cannot even trust Google these days. Perhaps they are an arm of the CIA and we are on the list of the 10 most wanted Cyber Golden Oldie Criminals – at last fame. I also noticed a note on Facebook that even Facebook register all the places where we go on their site to make sure we are encouraged to see what they want us to see, by studying our likes and dislikes. A solution was supplied how to eliminate the traces we leave behind. I had a look and did not really get the hang of it, so decided that after at least 10 year Facebook manipulation I have survived, the next 10 years will not be so bad, and who knows if I still belong to Facebook when I am 80 years old.

And now to other death defying adventures, sucking up the remainders of yesterday with my vacuum cleaner and venturing into the unknown discoveries of the supermarket.Yes, life can be dangerous, but armed with a mobile phone, a camera, and a purse, everything can be conquered

Have a good day everyone and remember, if you survive the next two days, you can relax as it wil then be the week-end, at least I think so, I will have to check. These things seem to get lost when you no longer have weeks without weekends.

Snow in Front Garden 03.01 (6)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Here, in the U.S.A. we pump our commercial bread so full of preservatives that it never gets stale. In Israel, bread was stale in less than a day. When I came back here, I watched in fascinated horror bread that appeared exactly the same for weeks. I don’t even want to KNOW what’s in it. Sometimes, stale bread revives if slightly moistened and toasted.

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    • I very much like the Swiss bread as it is so natural, nice and firm and tasty. English bread reminds me of blotting paper, soft and always with added sugar, why I do not know. One of the reasons I used to dislike eating in England, their bread is for me indigestable. When I say stale,I do not mean mouldy, but just dry and no longer eatable. It has not bothered the birds up to now. We eat enough bread at home and it is a sensible amount that I give to the birds, and we do not waste and bread remainders that way.


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