No point, I break them before I even begin to resolute them and anyhow I am now too much of a golden oldie to make them. I do not drink, do not smoke so what am I supposed to resolve. I suppose I could be more careful with my diabetes, but a little bit of fun you have to have in life somewhere. It is all the more daring when you eat a piece of chocolate, or enjoy a slice of cake, and all the more living dangerously with the ice cream and strawberries topped with whipped cream.

I have nothing to resolve, it has all been done in the last 70 years, so why bother. I read something interesting that a blogging colleague wrote. She has resolved to do something different in her life just once a month and I find that a very good idea. A different style of literature, perhaps something new for breakfast, anything to spice up life. I might even try that, although I seem to be doing different things daily, beause I usually forget what I am supposed to be doing – yes, we golden oldies live an exciting life. Perhaps I could invest in a new lens for my camera, or get myself the iPhone 7, although my iPhone 6 is still working perfectly.

Yes I am a cyber golden oldie and make only cyber new year resolutions – must note them on my iPad to make sure I do not forget what I actually resolved.



  1. Other than trying to actually play my ukulele and clearing out 25+ years of “important papers” in my office that’s pretty much it. And that’s just stuff that either needs doing (the clearing out) or I really would like to do (the uke). The rest? Like you, I’m past resolutions and I was never really into them even when I was younger. Happy New Year. Let’s just try and hang on to being here. I’m good with that.

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    • I like to have smooth runnings in my life today. I supposed I should attack my piano more, but am too busy with other stuff. I have actually cleared out all my stuff and organised it, but there are always annoyances that arrive. My bank in England have written three automatic letters in the last two weeks still wanting to know where I pay my taxes. After making a telephone call I have now given them the necessary infomation. There letters always state that if my answer has crossed with their question I can ignore it. I am now ignoring it, it is so annoying. Looks like they should do some organising. Happy new year to you as well. I actually wanted to reduce my WordPress time this year, but I seem to be doing more.Must be the boredom of a golden oldie.


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