4 Leaf Clover

New Year’s Eve? Ah yes that it when I stay up until midnight, drink a glass of something fizzy, usually on the sour side, seal it with a kiss and then go to bed.

Well it has been something like that for the past 48 years, although in the last two years we have left the fizzy stuff out – even golden oldies slow down with the years and I do not like champagne in any case, I do not even drink: just a sip would make me forget my name these days – but the kiss remains.

No it was a sober New Years Eve, taking it easy, going nowhere and doing nothing. Even the evening meal was nothing out of the ordinary, it was a chicken, but it was a good chicken.  No. 1 son disappeared in town and stayed until the next year. Mr.Swiss had baked one of this famous master chef similar apple flans and afterwards it was a DVD evening with the english crime series Scott and Bailey. He is quite good at finding good series. What I like about that series is that it is lady power pure, the chief is a lady and the two detectives are ladies. There are men of course, but more in the side role.

So stop rambling on, that was it. I did managed to stay awake until midnight, with all those bells pealing everywhere there was no choice and the exploding fireworks. My cat slept through it all as usual, and missed all the fun. He even did not notice the fireworks exploding everywhere, the swiss francs they paid for them going up in a cloud of smoke. I did not even bother to look from the window.

It’s a bit late I know, I just did not have the time yesterday to write this one, but Happy New Year, Hogmany or whatever you celebrate and may it be a good one.


3 thoughts on “WRITING PROMPT #1 – NEW YEAR’S EVE

  1. Garry didn’t wait for midnight for the kiss. As soon as we knew they weren’t doing fireworks this year, we kissed … and went back to watching “Death on the Nile.” We are not those frisky colts of days of yore 🙂


  2. ” I did managed to stay awake until midnight, with all those bells pealing everywhere there was no choice and the exploding fireworks.” Here, at midnight… the dog barked….

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