Good Morning

The First snow

I knew it. Always on 2nd January the snow arrives. A reminder of the olden days when on the 3rd we would begin work after the Christmas break ready for a death defying skidding session on the road. Actually it was strange. Mr. Swiss called me in the evening (I was busy in my computer enclosure) and said to look out of the window – everything was covered in this white stuff. Afterwards the weather report said it would snow during the night and the next day would be sunny and no more snow until a day later. I used to dread this stuff in Winter, but now I almost welcome the change. At last something different on a photo. This morning we have temperatures too cold to snow, -5°C. There is not a cloud in the sky so it will probably remain cold.

The first snow

In the meanwhile the sun has risen, but it still looks like a cold day.

I will not be going places and seeing things today, I have an appointment with a bathroom cleaning session in the morning. Have a nice day, I have places to go with the vacuum cleaner and mop.

See you later -a promise, not a threat.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We have none in town but 6″ on the ski slopes of the Sandia Mountains east of ABQ. If past experience repeats itself, when we go up to Santa Fe for a talk next Monday, it will snow there. We usually come out to find the car covered and have to slip slide out to the motorway which thankfully stays clear. Enjoy the view without the brrrr.

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    • Our snow has almost disappeared and it is very cold, but there will be more to come probably. They need it badly in our ski areas in Switzerland as the tourist trade is suffering. No skiing without snow. They are now using snow canons for artificial snow on some of the slopes.

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      • Our first grandson aged 5 at the time came with his mum and brought their ski boots, only to find no snow. We took the tram up to the peak and Charlie shouted, Mum I found snow. It was a patch about as big as our kitchen table and that was all, but the ski shop had great bargains in ski jackets


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