Daily Prompt: Where has it gone?

First snoe

“It’s gone again.”

“What have you lost this time?”

“What do you mean “this time”, as if I was always losing stuff.”

“Well this morning you got quite excited, accompanied by profanities because you were looking for the files on the computer with those important scanned documents, as if I should know where they were.”

“Well I found them.”

“Only when you remembered that you had made copies and filed them, and did not save it to the comuputer.”

“The main thing is that I found them.”

“After searching for half an hour.”

“And now I have lost something else.”


“My inspiration for something to write.”

“I cannot help you there, what do you have to write about?”

“The subject is “gone”.”

“Well that shouldn’t be difficult, you are always losing stuff.”

“Yes, but this time it is not something you can misplace. Inspiration is what you need. I mean if I lost something important, it would not be gone, because I would probably find it again.”

“Unless you had thrown it into the garbage can and not noticed. Then you would not find it because it would really be gone.”

“I do not throw stuff in the garbage can by misake.”

“Do you do it on purpose? You are always searching for stuff in the garbage can.”

“That is because it had been thrown away in error, and it is not always me who throws it away. Anyhow I did not throw my inspiration into the garbage can. It is just gone.”

“That’s it, you could write about your missing inspiration.”

“Are you trying to be funny.”

“Of course not, I am not laughing am I? I would be glad if you found your inspiration, then you would not be driving me up the wall with silly questions.”

“Come to think of it, a lot of stuff has gone lately.”

“Well I am not missing anything.”

“I was thinking hypothetically. Like the year 2016 has now gone forever and will never return and everything that happened in that year has also gone.”

“Like my blue sock that you never found after it disappeared into the washing machine.*

“I was thinking of more important stuff, like events that change the world and definitely not your blue sock. Anyhow I found it again.”

“Yes, you did find a blue sock, I must admit, but it was not my blue sock. It was a lighter shade of blue and did not match the sock I still had.”

“But you could still wear them as a pair, no-one notices, your trousers hang over them.”

“Typical. I noticed because one was shorter in the leg length than the other one and it looked silly and felt uncomfortable, as if one leg was shorter than the other. What I cannot understand is that you can lose a sock.”

“These things happen, be glad it was only sock and your legs are still both the same length If it was a t-shirt I could understand your dilemma, but socks can be replaced. Perhaps it got mixed up with our son’s socks. You men all wear the same colours, it can easily happen.”

“So we are both walking around with odd socks.”

“Of course not, he probably threw his odd socks away. He is not as complicated as others.”

“Are you saying that…….”

“Forget it, I really do not have time for this discussion. My missing inspiration has now returned, I have a meaning for today’s blog.”

“Glad to hear it, then I can read the newspaper in peace.”

“Oh, I thought you had read it already. But you can always read it online if necessary.”

“Where is the newspaper?”

“It’s gone to the trash can, but the main thing is my inspiration has returned. I can now write about the missing blue sock, it might become a famous mystery story even “The legend of the missing blue sock”. Yes, that’s it. Hello are you listening?”

“No I am concentrating on the small print on the computer where I am trying to read the newspaper that you threw into the trash can.”

Where has it gone?

22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Where has it gone?

        • To be quite honest I really did not know what to write,so I just began to see where it lead me. Of course a lot of what you write is guided by life’s experience. I had three men at home, work it out. Every day clean socks and once a week a sock wash. Six socks a day, and 7×6 a week makes 42. Sometimes I was really overwhelmed.Eventually I just made a pile on the table and told them to sort it themselves. And I am still convinced we have sock cannabalism in the laundry room.

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  1. Now that I’m a senior citizen, I can lose things without even leaving my seat. I can put something down on the counter and when i look again, it’s gone. I sometimes have something in my hand and walk to the bedroom and somewhere along the — maybe 12 steps? — I put whatever it was down somewhere and it may be hours or months before I find it.

    My computer is more orderly. My papers? Oy. Vay. Just thinking about them gives me heartburn!

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    • Mr. Swiss and I assist each other with lost property. He usually finds what I am missing and I am continuously bringing him stuff that I see in the wrong place, I mean who needs an iPad in the bedroom 🙂 ? He was looking for something this morning, but I cannot remember what it was. I often call myself on my mobile phone to discover where I put it, although even when it rings, I have to search to find out where the noise is originating.
      I had to learn the hard way when my dad passed away to organise everything, as I was alone with sorting the problems between England and Switzerland. There are still a few loose ends to tie, but straightforward loose ends when I have to depend on other circumstances out of my control.


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