Daily Prompt: Hopeful, but where’s the action


If you do not know where to start, then begin with a picture, so I took this photo of the tree in front of my window. It has no leaves, it is bare. Is it hopeful that the leaves will arrive in spring. Probably not, trees do not think, they react automatically to their instinct and instinct is a  word used when there seems to be no reason why. The leaves will reappear in Spring, lucky tree. I wonder if I will have a push of energy in Spring?

Phew! got the beginning behind me, so now to my hopes. I have none, because everything that happens is not according to my hopes, it just happens, so what is the point. This is the first year since I live, that I have only Mr. Swiss and the kids, which shows that life goes on, even when many things change. My family is now where I am, looking back to what was has no reason, because it is no longer there. I now look forward.

I look forward to every day that I can leave my bed and go through my daily routine. I do not hope I can do it, beause if I walk across the road and a truck hits me, then hope will have nothing to do with it, that is fate – another word with a mysterious meaning. And fate just happens whether we want it to or not. I mean I could fall out of my bed and break a leg, or I might not be able to actually leave my bed due to geratric complications. Everhing is possible, so let’s look on the bright side.

I would like, no I want to continue taking photos of everything in my surroundings: note the change of mood. There is no would and definitly no hope. I will take photos, I will go for walks, and I will continue to write my blogs. Life changes constantly, so I adapt. I will not give up, just because I am slower than I used to be. Limbs might slow down, but the brain is still active, even if it views everything from a golden oldie point of view.

Oh, I could wish for this and that, and pin my hopes on it all, but life does what it does. I take every day as it comes. I laugh when a bright young man, wanting to earn money at a call center, tries to sell me a new sickness insurance. I only have to tell him I am now 70 years old and have no intrest, and he mutters a few words about having a nice day, and says goodbye. I chuckle to myself, at last I have the answer. A golden oldie is not a profit making opportunity.

I sit here at my desk on a computer surrounded by my Kindle, my iPhone, my iPad and my cameras. I have nothing more to hope for but I still have things I want and so I save and make plans. A new mobile phone is now on my list. Never give up. What a useless lazy word “hope” is. It has no depth and no action.

Have a good new Year everyone, make it a good one, but do not hope for one, just do it.

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Daily Prompt: Hopeful, but where’s the action

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hopeful, but where’s the action

      • Definitely. Hard to say if life was more interesting, though. I’m not sure they would even think so. Wait, what? Ah, Lamont is laughing saying, “It was often more interesting for a very short time!” He’s rolling on the floor laughing. Dude’s still working on his resolutions.


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