Good Morning

Crows 26.12 (10)

This is becoming the usual morning gathering of the crows, it is a constant come and go. I think they are watching me serve their breakfast outsideof bread remainders.

I had an early night yesterday as I was not feeling so well. No. 2 son paid us a visit and after he left my digestive problems began. I eventually gave up and was in bed by 10.30, although I was not very comfortable. It seemed to be a complete breakdown. Either I had contacted a bug, or eaten something I should better have left, although Mr. Swiss had eaten the same as me. It has now been almost three months since this last happened and then I discovered it was influenced by my cholesterol tablets, which I no longer take. However, there is not such thing as a permanent cure, and these things happen now and again, especially when you are golde oldie. I read of these elderly people that still go on hour hikes, climb mountains and enjoy working around the house with all sorts of active do-it-yourself jobs. I admire them, but what do they do that I do not to keep so healthy.I suppose that’s life.

This morning I am still here to tell everyone about it, so it cannot be so bad. Today is a day of rest in any case with no stuff I have to do, just stuff I decide to do. I should really read a book in the morning or play with my computer and here I am thinking I could perhaps clean a few windows to save the work on Saturday morning. Golden oldies knit and read magazines about the rich and famous. I must be doing something wrong.

Mr. Swiss is busy changing the bed linen although I stripped the beds when I arose. Yes, humans are animals of routine, at least my tribe is. I am probably influenced by the Swiss way of life. I remember my first days in this country where I was amazed how the Swiss hung the bed linen out of the window every day, yes every day. I was brought up to just make the bed, not completely remove everything to replace it again an hour later.Thank goodness for duvets and no top sheet, it makes the job a lot quicker.

I had a cultural cleaning shock in Switzerland, but now I have become one of the masses and also do it all (except for stripping the bed daily). Although my mum was not the example of the super housewife, she never seemed to have time for doing things, but she had her own rules. One was never to iron on Sunday, because you did not iron stuff on Sunday. She also did not visit the local church, but ironing was not done. I remember she ironed everything including socks and underwear, probably because her mum did as well, although my grandmother did not have such a super steam iron as mum did.

And now to go, I can hear the church bells ringing in the distance, but have no idea why. Probably just bell ringer practice, but it is time for me to do something worthwhile, like hoovering (yes I had become infiltrated with the Swiss way of life).

See you later.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m glad to hear from you. I got worried when you were missing. I figured you weren’t feeling well.

    I too have these meltdowns where I go from feeling okay to feeling like my entire body hates me, especially my digestion. There doesn’t seem to be any special reason that I can figure out. It’s like one of those weird computer glitches. Something happens. There’s a reason, but we’ll never figure it out.

    Please feel better very quickly!!

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    • The disappointment was mainly because it was almost two months since I have had a more or less normal digestion, since I stopped taking those tablets, and now even my doc agrees with me. I suppose these things happend to a “normal” person, but I always get a bit down now when it happens to me. It was far from as bad as it used to be, but just having to take a tablet to get things on the right track again annoys me.
      Otherwise I am OK as far as OK goes. I was reading up on my injections this week, and definitely I am there on the right track. They MS confirmation came quite late for me, as I had been sufferiing for many years, but no-one really thought it was that – all being put down to the fact that I was probably sitting behind a computer too much and not taking mile walks every day, but I proved them wrong and wished I hadn’t. I can cope with the MS, learning words like remission and thrust, although it means nothing really for me.I have good days and not so good days, but still do my own housework and refuse to use my stick when at home. I realise outside I could no longer do it without.
      I suppose I am now officially old being 70.


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