Daily Prompt: Who Pillaged Christmas

Poinsettia in Migros

“Look at that”

“Look at what?”

“Everything has gone and there is a line of little men dressed in green trousers and shirts with red collars and a pointed hat carrying everything away.”

“They are the Chrismas dwarves.”

“But where are they going with those boxes, and drapped all in Christmas tree tinsel and the pots of poinsettia.”

“Christmas is over, gone until next year, they are cleaning out the remainders.”

“But the Chrismas tent is still there.”

“Yes, but look at the sign outside.”

“Oh, it says “Fireworks”.”

“Exactly, the New Year is approaching, so we can now buy our fireworks.”

“But we do not buy fireworks.”

“Of course not, it is for the others, some people like that sort of thing.”

“This is getting mysterious. Look the flower shop, they are selling Poinsettia for half price. If only I knew, I could have  bought mine now. And the special ones with the sparkly bits are also cheaper.”

“That’s because Chrismas is over and no-one wants them.”

“But the poinsettia are living things.”

“Not in the New Year, no-one has a pot with a poinsettia in the living room.”

“I still have mine.”

“I know, you are constantly giving it water and taking care of it. You bother more with that plant than me.”

“Of course, you can look after yourself, that plant depends on my care. And did you see those amaryllis: exactly the same as mine, already planted in a pot and growing, but ten francs cheaper.”

Amaryllis“That is because they are no longer wanted and no, we are not going to buy another one. the one we have is taking up enough room on the floor in the living room and it is growing taller every day. I have to keep turning it to make sure it does not bend over and lose its balance. I think it is possessed, it might be a triffid.”

“Triffids do not exist, at least not at Christmas, they are more an Autumn thing.

Look, where have all the Christmas biscuits gone and the chocolate logs. A pillager has been at work, the supermarket has been attacked and pillaged.”

“It has not been pillaged, and where did you get that word anyhow?”

“It is the daily prompt title.”

“Ah, I see, now everything is clear. No-one eats Christmas biscuits now, they have gone, been crushed and recycled to make something else. We are now approaching a new festival.”


“It says Fasnachtschüchli, only 2 Francs 90 for a packet of 6, but Fasnacht (carnival) is not until the end of February next year, what about the New Year?”

“New Year is next week-end and there are no special bisuits, only fireworks and you cannot eat them.You have to be prepared for these celebrations. Imagine having a carnival without the goodies to go with it.”

“But I still have some Chrismas biscuits left at home, and Christmas cake.”

“You might have, but the stores must think ahead. And now they are ready for carnival. It is all in the name of public relations.”

“They are definitely not relating to me. Did you see the pile of Christmas lights as we entered the store, all removed. It looks so bare in here now. I wonder if I can buy them half price. They would look good in the appartment.”

“We do not do Christmas lights.”

“I know, but we would if we had them.”

“And now we have the carnival cookies.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just putting a paket in the trolley. I quite like them.”

“I have an idea, shall we ask the shop assistant if she has any chocolate Easter eggs, or chocolate bunnies?”

“But we are too early for Easter.”

“Oh, of course, I forgot, just wanted to be prepared.”

Daily Prompt: Who Pillaged Christmas

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Who Pillaged Christmas

  1. Yep. Yesterday I almost bought Christmas paper because it’s ridiculously reduced but then I thought, “You have Christmas paper and you’re short on space in that little house” so didn’t buy it. Valentines are out already and that’s an egregious holiday if ever there was one… Sigh.

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    • Not so easy to do. In Switzerland we have something called “celebrate Christmas twice” where we can send parcels of useful stuff through the post and it will be distributed to the right places. I think most countries have some sort of organisation like that at Christmas.

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      • I think something similar was just started here. Mostly it’s left to individuals and businesses that choose to give, something our family has always done. I like your country’s idea of Celebrate Christmas Twice – I think the holidays, whichever ones are celebrated at this time of year, are meant to be about giving to others.


  2. I have not been to the shops since before Christmas but I know that they will now have the Christmas clearance in full swing. A good time to stock up on half price decorations for next year or buy left over Christmas biscuits and chocolates if you don’t care that they are decorated for the holidays. They will still taste as good a week or two later. I also heard that as usual Hot Cross Buns went on sale on Boxing Day. This annoys me no end. They say it is because they are popular but they are just normal fruit buns so why not sell them without the crosses for the rest of the year? I love hot cross buns but I wil only eat them at Easter time. It’s not special if they are around for three months before.

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    • This year there does not seem to be very much at half prices. I think they kept the stocks lower so that there was not very much left. We don’t have hot cross buns in Switzerland, it is not tradition. However I notice that you can now get them all year in England. I think that tends to take the fun out of the experience. I think they are a bit more spicy than the normal buns. AsI do not decorate for Christmas, I do not bother so much with buying cheaper. It looked so sad yesterday in the supermarket when they had removed the Christmas decorations from the store, and the Christmas trees, and put them on one bit pile in a corner.


    • My poinsettia is also doing better this year since I moved it into a better place. They do not like draughts, so open windows are not good for them. I am hoping to be able to repot mine and keep it in the garden during the summer. They can grow quite big outside, the problems arise in Winter. You can get them flowering again, but must strictly obey the daylight and night time routine with dark and light.


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