Good Morning


So there I was sitting at the kitchen table working through the nightly events on the computer when Mr. Swiss appeared in the kitchen and said “Where does that dog come from, he is eating the bread you put out for the birds”, so I looked out of the window and see that great black beast devouring all the bread. What do you do? You take a quick photo with your mobile phone to capture the event, although in the meanwhile it continued to eat all the bread.

The crows and magpies had not yet arrived and although bread is not supposed to be a bird friendly meal because it contains salt, they still like it and are getting fatter. The sparrows and tits just munch on in the birdhouse and ignore the dog.  Someone was taking a walk with her dog, not on the lead, on the bordering path and decided to let Fido have a roam. I like dogs, I really have nothing against a dog taking a walk between my territory and the next, but we do not distribute bread remainders in the morning to feed the dogs. It seems it was not fussy and ate almost everything. After the photo session I decided it was time for him to go, so clapped my hands and off he went. He left three pieces of bread. Luckily I found a piece of remaining toast bread, the end piece which no-one would eat in any case, and so I quickly rescued the situation by cutting it into beak sized pieces. The first two crows have arrived in the meanwhile and the situation is rescued.

Sorry that the photo of dog is not so clear, but I really did not want to disturb him. And now the neighbour’s feline is taking a walk through the garden, but she is not into bread, just a drink of water in the bowl outside.This is a real action situation here, I must write to David Attenborough and inform him that I have good material for his next television film.

Today is back to normal, no Christmas dinners, no planning, and no Chrismas stress. I am left with a normal daily cleaning routine and as it is Tuesday I will attack the bathroom and kitchen, but it has almost now become a holiday, something completely different. Life is back to normal. Must be a golden oldie symptom when we prefer to have no unexpected excitements.


I was actually going to begin this piece of unforgettable prose with the photo from my porch/deck. It was a misty morning this morning, no striking unforgettable sunrises, because the sun was still searching for a path through the fog. However in the meanwhile the mist is clearing and the sun is thinking about it.

And now to move on, there are things to be done and I cannot sit on the computer all morning. I suppose I could write a few messages in Facebook, but the photos and explnations of the Chrismas celebrations have now made room for family groups – the more the merrier. We used to keep our memories in albums, keep them to show friends and family when they visited, but now the thrill has gone. Just bring them on Facebook, millions can admire them. I often wonder if the victims on the photos really want this sort of thing. There are many grandmothers and golden oldies that seem to be posing under threat – not because they want to, but because they have to.

Ok, miserable me being cynical again – one of my hobbies.

Have fun everyone, Chrismas has gone, so make the most of your free relaxing time. Go to the shops, you will find a completely different atmosphere. People will have time to talek with you, they can choose what they want, there will be no Christmas shopping to do, just the normal hamburgers and frites with some veg in between, and there will be enough bread to go round – you will not have to fight for the last loaf – it will be yours to choose. Oh, how I will miss the Christmas rush.

Blue Tit

Even the blue tit has finished his breakfast opposite my kitchen window.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Morning, Mrs A-S, Sun shining here in Newcastle, our last day with family before flying back to Albuquerque. After 6 months ‘over here’ it will be interesting to see the difference (no mention, please, of politics!!). But I will continue to read your blogs and today I was amused by your David Attenborough invitation. Keep up the good work, dear friend.

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    • I have an online acquaintence in Albuquerque. She moved there from her home town of Chicago because of the moderate climate. I think he actually grew up in Albuquerque. Anyhow she returned because she missed the sun ad warmer days. Albuquerque must be a pleasant place to live in. I have never been to Newcastle, but not exatly the riviera of england I suppose

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      • Yes, Albuquerque is a great place to live, even when the main road is dug up to put in yet another transportation line. Where my son lives in Hamsterley near Newcastle it is lovely; in the midst of National Trust forests and greenery.


  2. I am glad the dog got an unexpected morning treat- he probably will be there tomorrow so maybe more bread will be in order.
    I love the fact that you feed all animals and birds through the winter days.

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    • Dogs seem to live on treats, and I will not begin to feed a dog in the mornng. I have enough to do with a murder of crows and a magpie tribe.
      I probably overfeed them but I do have the fattest birds in the area.

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  3. Dogs, most dogs anyway, will eat absolutely anything that doesn’t eat them first … which is why it is so easy to poison them. Cats, being so particular, are too fussy to just eat something they find lying around.

    We’ve started putting out bread — and a bowl of water, since the weather is still warm enough to keep it from freezing. But the birds have not discovered it yet. Also, I think the winter has not be hard and there’s still a lot of food in the woods. If later, we have a snow cover, they will find it, I think. You have, again, inspired us 🙂

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    • We had a cat, Fluffy, he would eat all and everything, so we had to be very careful. He was blind, but in his seeing days he would devour a mouse with everything, even the tail and the bit behind that the other cats would leave.

      I always have water outside for Tabby as she often goes out and takes a drink. I then noticed that every other creature is partial to something to wet their beaks and often there are many sparrows helping themself. The dog was an isolated appearance I hope. It is only our big birds that go for the bread, I spread the bread when I am in the kitchen in the morning about 8.00 a.m., but the birds arrive about half an hour later, when daylight slowly arrives. They have their own time table. Our birds always seem to have an appetite.


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