Good Morning

At last it is over, not quite, but life returns slowly to a normal pace where everyone stops showing the Christmas videos on Facebook, and sending happy Christmas icons – now we have the New Year in front of us, but that is harmless and reserved for those that enjoy staying up until midnight, just to drink a sip of Champis and wish a happy New Year.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss told me this morning when I entered the kitchen, about the wonderful sunrise. I turned immediately in my steps and retraced them to the room where my camera rests during the night. Yes, outside there was a beautiful sky. At the same time the crows called a meeting and so I spent a few minutes shooting some action pictures. As I will not be uploading them until later. I also took a couple of the sunrise with my mobile phone. As I have the app for my Flickr photos, I can upload them without wasting time, so here is today’s sunrise in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland.


I decided it could be better, so I returned a couple of minutes later when the sun had risen some more and this was what I got.


Not bad actually. I make the most of these sunrises as when the Spring days arrive, I only see sunsets, due to the fact that I sleep through the sunrises.

I happened to make a remark about the statistics shown on WordPress this week as they made a remarkable leap on Christmas Eve. In the meanwhile they are returned to normal. And now it seems the formula has been renewed and the old formula is no longer available. Perhaps certain information is not longer there what was there, I do not know, I never actually read my statistics, except for the ones included on my bank account online. Am I missing something, or is it reduction of brain capacity due to age? Someone even gave instructions on a blog site this morning, how we can get the old forumla again. This is all too complicated for me and why should I want the old system, which I never realised had been converted into a new system – and what is the difference. Statistics are just statistics, not more or less and it will not win my Pulitzer Prize or my WordPress t-shirt, which I am still hoping for.

I do not even know what to do with my day today. I have nothing to iron, a simple easy cooking plan – good food, but no big cooking  – just ham and beans and potatoes with the frim fram on the side. Mr. Swiss is going on a quest to the supermarket for a few odds and sods for tomorrow lunch, otherwise I will be a lady of leisure. I will just do a clean through the home, for lack of anything better to do. As a touch of occupational therapy I might clean the doors this morning.

Otherwise life goes on and so do I – see you around today somewhere some time.


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