Daily Prompt: My Retreat

Yes, we can now retreat, away from the Chritmas stress. We managed to reduce this stress to a minimum this year and today Mr. Swiss said what a good Christmas holiday it was, and I could only agree. I do not feel tired, or ready to drop. I could relax in the evneing. The shopping was organised, we had no negative surprises. I was just putting the fiinishing touches to the our Christmas meal when No. 2 son called from his Chrismas in Germany which he was spending with his wife’s family. We put the phone on loudspeaker and had a great Christmas conversation with him. That was the icing on the cake. We sat down to a meal and were satisfied – what more could you want.


We all have them somewhere I suppose, but this is my retreat. Well not really only mine, I am easy, but it is where my action takes place. It used to be No. 2 son’s bedroom, but he now has a family, so gradually it was converted into just a room with a view. And slowly but surely I moved in. It took time to organise it to my taste. Mr. Swiss has his own cave in another place in the appartment. It would not work otherwise.

I have a full window that opens onto the front garden and in summer can even move outside as I have Wifi reception out there. At the moment my Apple conputer is on the desk, but when I am finished I put it away on the shelf at the back on the right, where i also have my Microsoft computer and the desk is then empty. I like it that way. I used to live in chaos and one day I decided to end the chaos and discovered there was a place for everything, you just have to construct it.  I have my private stuff all nicely organised in the trays at the front on the right. On the left there is a cupboard, out of sight, where I have my various cameras and lens. And the settee is for Tabby, my feline, who usually spends the evening there, and often the whole night. It is then I move out and she moves in.

I also do my ironing in this room so what could be better.


The main thing for me is that I can be in my own place and do my own thing with no interruptions. I can always close the door to the room if I really need a moment of solitude and quiet, but it is not necesary. Mr. Swiss is a quiet person, I am the one that makes the noise usually. However, when I am writing I concentrate and this room is ideal.

Many epic blogs have been written on this desk, many are the bananas and the cream cakes eaten in this place, and Sunday evening do-it-yourself evening meals often take place on this desk. A Sandwich is not in the way when composing a challenge, or paying my online bills. It took many years, but now I have it organised. It is a place for an escape when I want to be myself and concentrate to put my brilliant ideas into practice. My scanner is also on the shelf here when I want to scan some photos.

There was a time when I did not have a retreat because I could never have used it. I was bringing up kids. They need your attention 100% of the time and if they are not there, you are washing their clothes or tidying up the mess they leave behind. I know they should do it themselves, in the name of teaching them to be independent, but that only works in theory. In practice mum does most of it, that’s life. The retreat is then in front of the TV in the evening when they are in bed, and where you usually fall asleep because you are worn out. The kids get older, but that is when you begin to work for a living again, so no retreat. There is a busy day at work, combined with a shopping expedition for food during the day and the result is the same. It is not the kids that tire you out in the evening, the work has done it for you.

One day you have it all behind you, and then you feel that a vacuum has arrived. I filled my vacuum with this room and my computers, and my cameras and my view of the outsie world through the window. I am content and happy with my seclusion, and life is not far away, just as far as my voice carries if I have something to ask Mr. Swiss. I like to have a purpose in my golden oldie days, otherwise life would just be plain boring.

Daily Prompt: My Retreat

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Retreat

    • It took time to organise everything how I wanted it. I made a decision to have a clear surface. I thought about what do I really need and realised I did not need very much, it was all online in any case and so I began to clear out the ballast. We carry so much unwanted stuff with us in life, and let’s be frank, we cannot take it with us, It works for me and I used to be one of the great chaotics.


  1. I love the full window of your retreat, I moved into my daughter’s bedroom when she moved out and so that is my retreat. My window looks out the front yard and I can watch all the people walking their dogs to the wooded area across the street. Parker likes to join me on the window sill and keep an eye on the dogs. It is nice to have a little place of your own, isn’t it? Enjoy your day!

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    • We are lucky. We have a ground floor apparment and all our windows are full length. I can also look out of the window for some action. Tabby also loves this window, She has an advantage over me, because she can see things when night falls that I cannot. I have to leave the blind open at the bottom. She sits in front of the window and gazse outside when it is dark. She sees things moving that we cannot see – it is so funny to watch her.

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  2. What a lovely retreat! A garden view to the outdoors is nice. My husband always manages to take the one spare room and I find a corner, but it is sometimes difficult to get solitude. He is a musician, and that is noisy, so he gets the retreat. I do have a door. ☺

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    • Mr. Swiss is also a musician, but not profi. It is a hobby and his instrument is drums, so you can imagine he has to disappear when he wants to practice. Luckily we have a hobby room in the cellar where he can practice. He also has electronic drums with headphones, although the other parties in the house are younger than us and are usually away during the day working. He also has rented a room in town, not too far away, where he can practice with no problem. He also often rehearses with his other golden oldie musicians. They have a small band, but do it mainly just for fun – their music is modern jazz (but the pleasant listenable kind and not the ultra modern). I also have a door and when necessary close it.

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      • My husband plays jazz guitar and he is in a trio. They play local wineries. It is his true passion, but definitely not profitable. Small world.


  3. I have gone the other way, moving OUT of my office and back into the living room. Garry did the same. We never discussed it, but we both did it. I think we wanted to be able to talk to each other. Yelling room to room doesn’t work well when one of you is really deaf and the other of us (me) is beginning to not hear all that well, either. I love your space. It’s so bright and open to the outside!

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    • With my Apple computer I am free and completely mobile. I can work where I want to in the appartment, and I used to sit on the dining table in the living room and do my stuff. Mr. Swiss has his computer in the living room on his desk. In the morning I usually plug my Microsoft computer in in the kitchen for breakfast.
      However, I fitted up the spare room as an office for me and discovered I was spending more and more time there.I only watch TV very rarely and Mr. Swiss does his own thing and I do mine. It is an ideal situation that we now have. We can still talk as we have an appartment and are within hearing distance, but he respects my need to concentrate when I am writing and I respect his. In the evenings we are both in the living room. I can read my Kindle and I have my iPad for looking in on the computer world. After lunch I even have my Apple computer when I am relaxing in the armchair. It is very light weight and I can easily use it without needing a table or desk.


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