Daily Prompt: Bah, Humbug and festive

Christmas Eve meal 24.12 (9)

Is there something wrong with me? Am I really a misery guts, the Christmas grinch that did more than stealing Christmas, I ignored it. Not really, because you cannot ignore it, even if you wanted to. Facebook  photos of Christmas trees with gifts surrounding them showing “look what we are doing and look at the mess”, as if they were enjoying the mess, just a festive season. Of course tables decked with turkeys, desserts, and bottles of wine. It must be wine, red for the dark meat, white for the light meat and rosé for those who just want it cold and are not sure if it should be red or white.

I spent the time before our chrismas meal, which was yesterday according to tradition, taking photos. It is only me and my two men, so there was no reason for a 1m 50 high tree occupying a corner of the room, there  was no need for gifts, this grinch even stopped gifts, although we make an exception for No. 1 son, because he has not yet realised that you can do it without gifts – he is autistic.

So I cooked a meal, something better than usual, took constant photos, because I had nothing better to do, and here is the masterpiece. A table with four empty plates and four empty glass dishes waiting for the appetiser and the meal. I am not even showing anyone the wine choice. This is because there is only one of us that might drink a glass and that is not me. As you get older, alcohol is no longer a big deal. I remember always bringing my dad a bottle of whisky when I visited London until he said he no longer drinks: a working class cockney in the east end of London, that no longer drinks? He found as he was growing older, it no longer agreed with him.

You would prefer to see what I served on the plates – no, no, everyone else is doing that, and I am not. I gave a little sample this morning with my Good Morning blog and enough is enough. After seeing what the others are showing on our social sites (social?) I am not showing more here. Have a look at Facebook, you will see christmas festivities from all over the world, and of course you will be receiving Happy Christmas cards from every contact you have, even if you have not heard anything from them all year, but it is Christmas – we do not bother during the year, not necessary.

There is also a shadow side to this whole festive season thing. Some are not celebrating at home because they are making a hospital visit to exactly that person you were counting on seeing at your Christmas Dinner or might be in hospital themself and my thoughts are with you.. There might be a death in the family, my mother-in-law passed away at  some time between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 16 years ago: death does not have a fixed date, he does not obey Christmas. Perhaps you are alone because there is no-one to be with you. Christmas is not always festive.

It is Christmas day in the afternoon and I am sitting at the computer eating a banana. A banana? Am I an  ape? No, but I have eaten too much of good food.  Although I planned a dessert, I have not actually made one yet. Perhaps later this evening, but no-one feels like ice cream and all the trimmings. At least a banana is healthy and helps with the digestion, I hope.

So let us be merry and festive and tomorrow it will all be over for another year when the carousel begins again. Oh I just remembered I can go shopping tomorrow. Although it is Boxing day, the supermarket has normal opening time,  so we do not have to worry about famine. On the other oven goved hand, I cannot go shopping in the morning as I am cooking a ham and beans, but everything is possible in the afternoon, perhaps. I wonder if the shop assistants will be in a festive mood having to work. Boxing Day used to be a Chrismas holiday, tomorrow all the Christmas items will be sold at half price, because they have to make room for the New Year festivities. Yes, life is one big festivity – according to how you look at it.

Living room 24.12 (2)

Daily Prompt: Bah, Humbug and festive

Good Morning

Sunset 24.12 (1)

Almost unbelievable, but when even Mr. Swiss goes outside on Christmas Eve in the early evening to take a photo, there must be something going on. This was our sundown sky yesterday evening. We say in Switzerland that a red sky at night means that Santa is baking Christmas biscuits – although he should hurry.  It certainly was wonderful to see on 24th December.

Otherwise I had one of the most relaxed and stressless Chrismas that I have had in a long while. I had kept my day clear of any extras, just computer fun and cooking a meal that was easy to cook and tasted good.

Christmas Eve meal 24.12 (4)

This is my filet of beef with the self made herb butter in the background. I had also been busy chopping parsley for the carrots. The beef was in one piece as I prefer to cut it myself before cooking. I can then size it up to my taste.

Christmas Eve meal 24.12 (15)

And here it is in the pan, only needs just a few minutes and ready to serve, and it was so tender. After the food a quiet evening relaxing with a good film on the TV and reading, what more do you need?

This morning the sun is shining and temperatures are moderate, so what could be better.

Enjoy the day everyone