Daily Prompt: I always find my bounty

Sun sky

Today it seems to be a bountiful day – or? Yes well, bounty is bounty and you find them where you seek. We are snowless, but I never thought I would rise after my lunchtime golden oldie sleep to see the sun shining. It is not warm, but also not cold, so what could be better.

I was thinking, being Christmas and all that, let’s leave the daily prompt today. I have better things to do like preparing food for this evening, but it is too early at the moment, Shall I just sit in a chair reading abook and get bored with no action, or who knows, there might be something more rewarding to do, like writing a daily prompt. I looked out of the window and discovered I must capture a couple of photos to commermorate the sunny Christmas Eve, although now and again the sun disappears behind a cloud, but would could be better, today is bountiful.

Another bounty attracted my attention today. We all write blogs for various reasons and find ourselves on a daily writing marathon, be it prompt of the day, of the week, of the month, or just when we feel like it. We all have statistics to show if anyone actually looks in on the page. To be quite honest I do throw a glance at the statistics, just to see if the blocks are going up or down, although basically does it really matter. I do not really understand how it all functions, although WP do explain it, but a golden oldie brain no longer can absorb too many explanations. If the brain is full, why pour more material into it – there is only so much room and it might explode. However, today I noticed a remarkable movement. During my morning, after the nights of others, I usually only get perhaps 20-30 spectators to raise the block. Today I already reached 150 views by lunch time and the tendency is still rising. This is a bountiful statistic (I am beginning to like this word).

As said I am not here for statistics, but to do something worthwhile in a dull golden oldie day, there is enough misery in the world, so I like to escape from it now and again. What is all this about? Yes, a great big thankyou to everyone that bothers and puts up with my ramblings, you really make my day and make it all wothwhile. There is nothing more disappointing that sending invites to a party and no-one bothers to come. Every visitor is welcome here, if you just look in or enter the party room, help yourself to the buffet or even partake in conversation. It makes no difference, just being here makes me happy.

And now I will descend from my pedestal on the speakers podium and now continue with my real little world. The sun is no longer shining, but I have a bounty of visitors from outside, watching what I am doing. Sometimes they tend to make me nervous, just siggint there and watching.

Crows 17.12 (5)

Enjoy your feast, may it be bountiful (there is it again, that word) whatever you are celebrating, I know I will, even if it is just me, Mr. Swiss, No. 1 son and the cat. No. 1 son has now gone into town for the afternoon and the cat is searching for a new sleeping place.

Daily Prompt: I always find my bounty

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I always find my bounty

    • I think we mums just love chatting away. Mr.Swiss now and again tells me I had already told him, although I am not always sure if he was listening the first time,so I just have to make sure. Have a wonderful time 🙂

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  1. They took away my old stats page and now,I can’t figure out what’s going on. I think they pumped out a new version of their “improved” editor and statistics page. Again. I managed to avoid the editor, but seem to have been hijacked by their unreadable and uninformative stats page. Merry Christmas!

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    • I never really understood the stats, it is just shapes and sizes to me. I just happened to notice that my daily ration had already been achieved by lunchtime today. Perhaps I might get my WordPress t-shirt after all. I don’t mind the new editor, quite like it actually. Happy Christmas to you as well and Gary.


    • The Swiss practicality is Mr. Swiss in the background who gives me a gentle push in the right direction now and again. Otherwise, always look on the bright side, it helps now and again. Enjoy your Christmas 🙂

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  2. I looked at my stats when I was told I’d been doing this for 3 years. I wondered who’d been looking at my blog for 3 years. The first year I had more visitors than I’ve had since. I wondered for a moment why that was, but then I realized I didn’t actually care as this is purely an elective activity and I’m not winning any prizes for it at the end. 🙂

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    • I write for me, but the stats are there. Usually I just register and move on. I am here for the fun of doing it and not for statistics.However, when I see an extreme movement upwards, I tend to get curious and yes, it does give me a feeling of knowing I am not wasting my time here. The visitors come from everywhere on the stats I believe, but it is all a bit a higher logistic level for my simple mind. I have now been here for getting on 10 years, so people have probably got used to my daily rambles.

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