Good Morning

Birds in the garden

I would love to bring a wonderful snow clad Swiss landscape on Chrismas Eve, but had to delve into my photo archives for Winter scenery. We have no snow. Of course, up in the mountains there is more, but not as much as usual. Our local mountains are still green and it looks like it will stay that way. In between they might be white, but really only in between. At the moment we are having daily temperatures of 8-10°C which is quite warm for this time of the year.

Not that I am really complaining. The roads are safe and not layered with ice and I can dress in a normal warm jacket and wear shoes which do not make me resemble the abominable snowman. It is funny how things turn out. One of my dislikes of Switzerland was always the snow, especially when you had to go out and drive through it all. I was never the car driving lover, I used a car because I had to and not because I wanted to. I was lucky to have a garage, so could drive off in the morning. The problems began  at lunch time when it had snowed all morning where I worked. I would spend at least five minutes clearing the snow off, make a start over the snow mounds to get onto the road and in the evening crawl home, bumper to bumper in the falling snow.

Funny how things change, but if it snowed today in Winter it would not bother me. I do not have to go anywhere, and it would really transform our local landscape in a dream, everything covered in white. The local roads are usually cleared by late morning and I would have time to admire the scenery. Even the birds do not mind the snow in my garden, as they are well fed.

I picked up my Christmas meat yesterday in the supermarket, I had ordered it. I arrived home, emptied the shopping bag and put everything away in the fridge and cupboard, although Mr. Swiss did most of the sorting. I remembered yesterday evening I had not even bothered to look at my meat, which was still packed in its special bag from the store. I then had a good night’s sleep and decided this morning to see what I had received, after all I am cooking the beef this evening. I searched and searched in the fridge and could not find it. Called Mr. Swiss , but he could not find it either. It would not be the first time we had forgotten something, but forgetting the Chrismas food was not very good. However, there it was in the fridge looking at us still packed in its bag. I unpacked it and discovered it was good meat for the holidays, so what could now possibly go wrong?

And now to put the finishing touches to the appartment, a little bit of ironing and a simple lunch – we are spoiling ourselves enough in the evening.

Wishing you all the best of the season, may you have a happy whatever you are celebrating and if you are lucky you might get some snow to complete the picture (except for my colleagues in the southern parts of the world, but sitting on a beach in the sun with a b-b-q also has its advantages). I might or might not see you around today, depends on whether the celebration has other plans for me.

Main Square, Solothurn, Christmas 2008

Market Square, Solothurn, Switzerland, Christmas 2008 (also no snow 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Lovely village even without snow.

    I will be totally alone this Christmas for the first time in my life but I too will Prepare A Christmas meal. All the things I like as it just for me.

    Never any snow here in the south US but it is gray….We need rain very Badly. Our temps will be mid 60s F.

    Happy Christmas to you and Mr. Swiss. Much for us oldies to be thankful for!

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    • And I hopeyou have a wondeful time. I have never been alone at the Christmas time, but there are now only three of us. I do not know what I would do alone, but I think I would also treat myself to a good Christmas meal. I wish you all the best for the Christmas days.Sending my best wishes from across the pond


  2. Merry Christmas, Pat. I have spent a few weeks hospitalised and I just returned home for Christmas. I hope you’ll have a nice evening. I’m sure you’ll have a delicious dinner knowing how good are you at the kitchen. I’m happy I’ll be able to celebrate with my mom one more year. My best wishes for you and yours.

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    • Sorry to read that you have been in hospital and glad that you are at home for Christmas with your mom. I was wondering where you were. This was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable Christmas that I have had for many years. I am now used to keeping calm and settled, so no panic. The food was good, had time to enjoy it and my kitchen helpers helped to clear everything away afterwards. Growing old has its advantages. I no longer have to cook for an army, but just Mr. Swiss, my No. 1 son and me.
      And I send you the best wishes for the season, may you have a very happy Christmas.


      • Thank you so much, Pat. Mom had a very happy Christmas eve because two of her grand children and her five great grand children came from Madrid, and we had a very cheerful night with kids, gifts, singing carols, and everything.


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