Photo Challenge: Path

Along the River Aare

A path is a path. It can be rough and difficult to overcome, but with determination and energy, you can do it. This path is the path along the riverbank of the River Aar which is just down the path from where I live – yes another path.  When you live in farming land, it is the best way for the cows to walk, and often for the humans.

This path has become a symbol for me, because I can still do it. I once climbed mountain paths with the family. I was never an Amazon, but I could do it until I began to slow down, perhaps an accident due to losing balance, but no big deal: signs of old age, I thought, but they were signs of an illness. Since last year the signs have become stronger, I now need a cane for support, but I can still do it. If I walk this path I arrive at the steps, about 80 of them, but this path and the steps now have a meaning.

I can still do it, perhaps not as fast as I used to, and climbing the steps I have my stick and hold onto the protective banister, but if I conquer the path and the steps and reach home under my own steam – who cares how you do it, as long as you do it. I do not know how long, I currently have everything under control. Overcoming obstacles has become a new pastime, but as long I succeed I will continue walking this path.

Photo Challenge: Path

15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Path

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  2. I really understand. I figure as long as we can walk on our own feet, we are doing well. And when I can’t, I will get one of those all-terrain scooters. Actually, if they weren’t so expensive, I’d get one for the fun of it. We rented a pair at DisneyWorld a few years back and we had a blast 🙂 There’s always way if we have the will – and a little money doesn’t hurt, either.

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    • I refuse to use support when at home. It is only outside of the house that I need extra support. Up to now I am doing fine wit the cane. My biggest dread is when I proceed to a Zimmerframe (which my dad had eventually – although it was old age with him). At the moment I am doing OK.I am not sure about scooters, I cannot even ride a bicycle because of balance problems. Who knows what is around the corner? not even my doc.


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  4. There was a path that my Dad talked about, looked at daily, and finally became unable to climb. Then, slowly, he could barely walk. He had Parkinson’s. This reminds me of my dear Dad, thank you. May you walk your path well, and for many years to come.

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    • Yes paths can have meanings. I have MS, but for many years, although they only discovered it at the beginning of this year. I am now aware of this more than I was, why I can no longer walk so well, but I can still walk. I intend to stick to my path for some time. My dad also had walking problems, but it was not an illness, just age. He passed away this year at the age of 100 years 7 months.

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  5. Bravo, go for it, no matter how long it takes. I just hit the walking problem and the bucket list is still huge, my path is never-ending and I will, still, any which way, go down it… Keep going!

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    • I definitely will although currently it is non walking days as I like to go in the late afternoon and the days are so short at the moment. The weather is also not playing with us, misty and cold. As I get older the bucket list gets smaller, but there are still a few things I still think about doing.

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