From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 16.12.2016

This is definitely not our place at Christmas. Is there such a thing as an ideal Christmas Day? For the kids definitely. They have been brought up in the belief that there is a kind old man with a long white beard (I hated men with beards when I was a kid, but eventually married one with a three day beardand stayed for the last 48 years) who parked his reindeers on the roof and climbed down the chimney with presents. When all this happened, whilst they were sleeping, they are overjoyed and happy to begin their day by unpacking the presents. Now how did that guy know exactly what they wanted?

And here is Christmas cynical me.

My day begins in bed as long as possible. When I have checked throught my iPad I transfer to the kitchen, feed the birds and then feed myself with breakfast whilst checking in on the computer. Afterwards I  clean through the appartment and cook lunch. Ah, you expect something completely different? Yes, well I do not have to go shopping, because I spent the week before buying a little every day for the Christmas holidays. Holidays: ah yes, I am a golden oldie, life is one big holiday.

After lunch I take a midday sleep and during the afternoon I might take a walk with my camera. I might write something on my computer and I will probably do something with photos – who knows. Am I still disappointing you all because I am not singing Christmas carols or putting th final touches to serving the Christmas Pudding. In Switzerland we do not have Christmas Puddings.  I will cook something more on Christmas Eve, the Swiss main Christmas holiday.

This is a typical day of a normal human being that does not really do Christmas, but might enjoy watching the Dr. Who Christmas special on the TV, or seeing what the East Enders are doing at Christmas. I go to bed happy and satified that I no longer have that Christmas stress of cooking for an army and making sure that everyone is happy. I am now me, alone with Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son and I can be pleased that it is that way.

I had it all, there were the good times, but everything passes. Perhaps there were some Christmas holidays in between that were not so good, a hospital visit, or missing seeing the family in England. There is no longer a family in England, just a remainder and they have their own Christmas to celebrate with their family branches.

I am happy and contented from 24th-26th December, but do not need Christmas to prove it.



  1. It’s odd to me that people think that Christmas alone is a sad thing. I’ve had some awful Christmases with the fam-damn-ily. Those were sad. I have some memories of very happy Christmases (the happiest were in Switzerland, I think) and some of the happiest were when I had no where to go, or could not go anywhere, and I just relaxed into the whole solitary event. That will be me this year. The dogs and I will take a walk and enjoy the evening as always.

    I was planning to drive north 3 hours to spend it with friends, but between the flu, and the way it set back my life, and the winter weather on the pass, that isn’t happening. I will go up Monday when the weather looks like it will be lovely for a few days and when, I’m sure, all residue of the flu will be gone. In a way, like you, I find it liberating not to be shackled to tradition. I find I can pick and choose — I love Christmas cards and many other things about the season and those I savor. ❤

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    • My first Chrismas in Switzerland was a lonely one. I had arrived at the beginning of December and did not go home for the holidays. I spent it in Zürich with my bosses children and their grandmother, as the boss and his wife were away in India visiting relatives. I was 19 years old and life was still one big adventure, so I was still feeling brave enough. Otherwise I never really spent any Christmas alone. Today it is at a minimum with just me and Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son – some may think it boring, but I treasure the stressless time where I do not have to ensure that everyone is happy and look after their needs.
      Christmas is always an uncertain time if you make plans, not knowing if at the last minute something decides to alter your plans, I always have a thought in the back of my mind what could go wrong. I might have a fall being subject to dizzy spells, Mr. Swiss could have a problem, Tabby might need a vet (although she seeme to conquer everything). Yesterday the bathroom tap stopped functioning, no hot water, but our plumber was ready and waiting for pre Christmas emergencies and came along in the afternoon with his elf and fixed it with a new tap. Now everything is set so we got this far this year.
      You are never alone with three monster dogs, and mountains, and snow and it does not all have to happen on Christmas Day. The flue is gone and you live in a wonderful place.
      Wishing all the best of the season to you and the dogs

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