Photo Challenge: Path

Along the River Aare

A path is a path. It can be rough and difficult to overcome, but with determination and energy, you can do it. This path is the path along the riverbank of the River Aar which is just down the path from where I live – yes another path.  When you live in farming land, it is the best way for the cows to walk, and often for the humans.

This path has become a symbol for me, because I can still do it. I once climbed mountain paths with the family. I was never an Amazon, but I could do it until I began to slow down, perhaps an accident due to losing balance, but no big deal: signs of old age, I thought, but they were signs of an illness. Since last year the signs have become stronger, I now need a cane for support, but I can still do it. If I walk this path I arrive at the steps, about 80 of them, but this path and the steps now have a meaning.

I can still do it, perhaps not as fast as I used to, and climbing the steps I have my stick and hold onto the protective banister, but if I conquer the path and the steps and reach home under my own steam – who cares how you do it, as long as you do it. I do not know how long, I currently have everything under control. Overcoming obstacles has become a new pastime, but as long I succeed I will continue walking this path.

Photo Challenge: Path


From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 16.12.2016

This is definitely not our place at Christmas. Is there such a thing as an ideal Christmas Day? For the kids definitely. They have been brought up in the belief that there is a kind old man with a long white beard (I hated men with beards when I was a kid, but eventually married one with a three day beardand stayed for the last 48 years) who parked his reindeers on the roof and climbed down the chimney with presents. When all this happened, whilst they were sleeping, they are overjoyed and happy to begin their day by unpacking the presents. Now how did that guy know exactly what they wanted?

And here is Christmas cynical me.

My day begins in bed as long as possible. When I have checked throught my iPad I transfer to the kitchen, feed the birds and then feed myself with breakfast whilst checking in on the computer. Afterwards I  clean through the appartment and cook lunch. Ah, you expect something completely different? Yes, well I do not have to go shopping, because I spent the week before buying a little every day for the Christmas holidays. Holidays: ah yes, I am a golden oldie, life is one big holiday.

After lunch I take a midday sleep and during the afternoon I might take a walk with my camera. I might write something on my computer and I will probably do something with photos – who knows. Am I still disappointing you all because I am not singing Christmas carols or putting th final touches to serving the Christmas Pudding. In Switzerland we do not have Christmas Puddings.  I will cook something more on Christmas Eve, the Swiss main Christmas holiday.

This is a typical day of a normal human being that does not really do Christmas, but might enjoy watching the Dr. Who Christmas special on the TV, or seeing what the East Enders are doing at Christmas. I go to bed happy and satified that I no longer have that Christmas stress of cooking for an army and making sure that everyone is happy. I am now me, alone with Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son and I can be pleased that it is that way.

I had it all, there were the good times, but everything passes. Perhaps there were some Christmas holidays in between that were not so good, a hospital visit, or missing seeing the family in England. There is no longer a family in England, just a remainder and they have their own Christmas to celebrate with their family branches.

I am happy and contented from 24th-26th December, but do not need Christmas to prove it.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 51

Bottle Bank

The new bottlebank at the local supermarket

Bipperlisi 21.12 (1)

The barrier is closing at the railway crossing and we were sitting in the car waiting, so you take a photo.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 07.12 (29)

Whenever we drive to the supermarket in the morning we pass this covered post trolley. It seems to be a place where they deposit certain letters for other postmen to pick up – no idea, but the Swiss are a trustworthy nation it seems.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 51

Daily Prompt: Some Things are better not discovered


Today I/we realised that a tap, or whatever you call in your part of the world, does not live forever: especially if it is a super bath tap with a an integrated hot/cold water system. This tap, see photo, is now  18 years old. However, today, the day before Chrismas Eve, when you are glad to have the stress behind you, you discover in the morning that the hot water no longer arrives as it should. It is there, but you have to adjust the tap to the strongest part to get it hot enough.

We checked througout the appartment to see how the other taps were functioning as discovered they were behaving perfectly. At least there was not a sabotage from the central water headquarters. The next step was to call the plumber, although I was convinced that the plumber would not be interested in the tap problems of Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss as he was probably now looking forward to spending the next few days in front of the Christmas tree, if not the next week until after the new year.

It is amazing how wrong you can be.We explained the problem by phone and the plumber explained that it is the integrated vlave, or whatever, that was not functioning which was no surprise after 18 years. Today things are not built forever. We were even more suprised when he said he would pick up a new part and call in in the afternoon between 2-3 to fix it. Our visions of a Christmas spent without hot water in bathroom are now slowly disappearing, I hope.  At the moment the plumbers are replacing our dead tap and holding a discussion about our tap.They are not cheap, but we consider it as a Christmas present to ourselves, as we abolished Christmas presents a couple of years ago.

Bath TapIn the meanwhile after 50 minutes, we have a new bathroom tap and the plumber has now returned to his  Christmas tree or whatever. I said I was surprised he managed to find time for us today, just before Christmas, and he said that they had reserved today for such situations. From tomorrow he will have a two week holiday.

The main disadvantage of this problem was that I usually have my golden oldie midday sleep (also Mr. Swiss) after lunch. You cannot have everything I suppose, but I am now discovering that I am missing my after dinner rest.

I think I will now go,before I fall asleep at the computer with sleep deprivation.

Daily Prompt: Some Things are better not discovered

Good Morning

Amaryllis 11.12 (3)

I was busy with my macro lens again. I have neglected it since Winter has arrived. The interesting insects that would wave with their antennas are now gone for the Winter season and so have the flowers. However, my son gave me a wonderful bouquet for my 70th birthday, so I did some analysis of the secret life of an amaryllis flower and discovered that they might be planning to invade us. The chief was in the middle and his tribe surrounded him. Do plants have feelings? I am sure they do.

This photo turned out OK, but the problem with a macro lens is that they are built for attaching to a tripod to prevent any vibrations. My hands tend to vibrate a lot, although I do not notice it so much, but the camera does. I have a tripod, but am not so interested in spending time setting it up for a quick photo. This was a lucky shot, must have been a quiet moment.

Today is the last day of the Chrismas food shopping, at least my last day. Mr. Swiss may flee tomorrow morning. He seems to have a desire to leave when I switch on the vacuum cleaner, although there is nothing much left to do. I cleaned the windows yesterday, only 40 minutes of my time, as I do it regularly and it is no big deal. I gave up with curtains many years ago, and we just have the bare necessities in the bedrooms, but we have good blinds.

Our combined shopping list is now via the cloud on my/our mobile phones, so what could possibly go wrong.  Although I do not celebrate this Christmas thing as Christmas, I do celebrate the fact that at least once at the end of the year all stress and work is reduced to a minimum. I have even instructed No. 1 son to change his bed linen today instead of tomorrow, so that I can wash it this evening. I always run the washing machine from 9,00 p.m. in the evening because electricity is then half price until 7.00 a.m. and that saves a lot. It is no problem for me. The machine is in the cellar in my own laudry room and I can quickly hang the washing up in the evening. In the morning it is dry and I can sort it. I once had a tumbler, which would immediately dry the washing afterwards, but I got rid of it. It devoured electricity, and I prefer my washing to dry naturally. I have golden oldie time to do these things.

I am not sure if and when I will appear over the holiday week-end on this page. I do not have to do anything and I will be busy cooking and eating. But, who knows, if boredom sets in and I have nothing better to do, I might be here with a few words.

Have a good day everyone, I will be back later after my journeys into the unknown, although I do not plan to go further than the supermarket.

The next macro is the center of a flower, but am not sure what sort of flowe, but probably a dahlia.

Chrysanthemum 11.12 (1)