Daily Prompt: What could possibly go wrong?

Feldbrunnen 07.10 (5)

Yes, I am floating on a cloud, nothing can happen, I now have it all organsed. Thanks to my enthusiasm, spurred on by yesterday’s prompt, I now have now united my notes on my iPhone, with my iPad and even my Apple computer. For a final touch, to crown it all, my notes are now also talking to the Mr. Swiss various “i”  instruments of power.

Yes, if I write a shopping list in my notes on one of my gadgets, makes no difference which one, it joins with Mr. Swiss instruments of online power. We are cool, calm and both floating on the same cloud. I knew I could do it and whilst Mr. Swiss was busy this morning doing things like shopping and having his new iPhone connected to our car, I was cleaning windows. After the widow cleaning, wich I completed perfectly, all of them, I returned to my digital occupational therapy on my Notes list on my iPhone.

The answer was so easy and simple and it ws there before my eyes. Instead of writing my list in normal notes, I should write in in the Cloud Notes. It then automatically arrives on my other “i” instruments, but what about Mr. Swiss? And then I saw the little icon about inviting people. “People”? No, I only wanted Mr. Swiss to join me. My relations in England were too far away to share my shopping list, and my doctor(s) and dentist would not be interested, but Mr. Swiss was ready and willing. I sent him an invitation, but to no avail as he was not at home.

When he returned I immediately broke the good news, although it seems he would have preferred a calmer Mrs. Angloswiss as he was  moving shopping to the fridge and cupboard and had no time to concentrate. Eventually I managed to capture his attention, by thrusting my iPhone in front of his nose, and he could no longer resist. He accepted my invitation to join on the cloud and there were were floating in the cyber sky together.

This is ideal, no more unwanted excitement by sending various lists via the telephone messenger. What I write he sees, and what he writes on the same list I see. It even goes further. If I change something it is automatically changed on his list and vice versa. Oh the wonders of the modern digital cyber world. Two golden oldies floating on a cloud of communal shopping lists. We even did a few test runs to see if it really works. Now we have calmed down, because we are unified, floating in an “i” world together.

I wonder how my mum and dad mnaged without a mobile smartphone, I think they used the old fashioned method of conversation or even handwritten lists. Why waste words when you can talk on a cloud. Life is now much calmer and settled. Yes this Christma will be a cyber Christmas on a cloud somewhere. What could possibly go wrong.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 21.12 (37)

It’s only a bit of mist and that will also disappear eventually – I hope.

Daily Prompt: What could possibly go wrong?

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What could possibly go wrong?

  1. I love the contrast between the bright blue sky in picture 1 and the fog in picture 2 🙂

    We use the google notes and calendar the same way. Garry or I enter it once and it distributes to the phone, and all the devices and computers. All we have to do is remember to look and see what it says!

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    • The first photo was during the year and the second yesterday, we are now in a fog sequence.

      These are the notes on my “i” stuff and not google. I float on a cloud usually. I do not use a calendar, but prefer to register everything in my Reminders, so that it makes a noise when something important is happening. I have registered my injections on that because I must remember to do them every second day.I also have my doctor apointments there and a few other trivialities. I am not so good at calendars and lead a quiet life in any case. Mr. Swiss is the calendar person here, but everyone to their own. I do have access to Mr. Swiss calandar on my stuff, but rarely bother to see what he is up to.


  2. Goodness! You are quite the techie, Mrs AngloSwiss. I still hand write my shopping list. If I am giving it to my husband, I print it. In big block letter because he cannot read my handwriting. Sometimes I cannot read my handwriting, but that is another story……

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    • My hands do not seem to write what I want them to these days so I do it all by keyboard. I got fed up with two different shopping lists, so based on the law of logic, The two lists are now one in the same place.It works quite well if you have a smarphone, and immediately. And I could never read Mr. Swiss handwriting, he should have been a doctor, they never write readable perscriptions.

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