Daily Prompt: I have an Idea

Magpie 15.12 (14)

This magpie was enthsiastically searching for a kibble in my garden, but there was only disappointment as the crows had already taken everything. On the other hand I shot a photo very enthusiastically.

I often get ideas of doing something, which seem to start up a red blinking light and a loud signal, similar to the emergency situations in the James Bond films when the end is approaching and everything could go wrong, but James Bond saves the day with his cunning and expertise. I get the ideas and everyone is alarmed, but at least I am kept busy.

I never really took interest in photography until Mr. Swiss gave me his hand me down digital camera. I was taking photos everywhere with it. I soon discovered how to upload the photos onto the computer and enthusiasm arrived. The enthusiasm today has resulted that I gave my last digital camera to Mr. Swiss, a Canon, which was a super model because I am now into DSLR. In the meanwhile he has returned the digital camera. It is now a joint venture as he only really takes photos with his iPhone. How things can change. I got enthusiastic and now have two DSLR cameras complete with various lens for close up, far away and macrofying the tiniest ant. The result is 16,000 photos online.

I then discovered there were hundreds of photos, real ones on paper, in various boxes and envelopes in the cellar. I got enthusiastic about sorting them into folders. 2 weeks later it was done, spending 1-2 hours every evening with organisation. I then discovered Mr. Swiss also had a box of photos. I sorted them for him, so that he now knows what he has, but he warned me to keep my hands off. They remain in the box. Some people just do not appreciate enthusiasm.

It goes further. Some of my old photos should be scanned, to upload them onto the computer. And so it came to pass that I purchased a very handy scanner and spent another week uploading scanned photos onto the computer.

It is the enthusiasm that spurs me on, the meaning of life. It would be boring just to sit around and wait, you have to give it a push now and again. Just because I have grey hair and stiff joints that creak when they move, it does not mean that I no longer have enthusiasm.

Sometimes enthsiasm can run away with you, but that is the spice of life. It drives me on. I am not really enthusiastic about cleaning, but know when it is done I can move to the next event in life.

I am enthusiastic about creating a shopping list on my mobile phone. My next enthusiastic task is to combine this list with my iPad. This idea came to me after my golden oldie lunchtime sleep. It all has something to do with a cloud, it seems. I am sure it must be possible. If you make a note in your iPhone it should be a simple matter of it appearing automatically on your iPad, they are both Apple machines and it works with adresses and names.Another cyber mystery to solve because it is there and because I want to.

And now to move on, for my next enthusiastic endeavour.

Magpies 01.12 (3)

Looks like these two found something in the meanwhile.

Daily Prompt: I have an idea

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I have an Idea

  1. Garry and I have decided to follow your fine example and chop up our leftover bread for our birds … at least as long as we can still actually get to the table on the deck. It depends on how much snow we get. So far, so good!!

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    • Otherwise I just throw the left over bread away, although be warned. This morning I was advised on a comment that bird experts advise against feeding bread to birds because salt does not agree with them. Just saying, I have been feeding birds with bread for many years and I will continue to do so. I find that if birds eat from garbage cans and the streets and survived, they they will also survive my bread potions, which are only a day old. Too much of anything is not good, even for humans. 🙂


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  3. I have a couple of boxes of photos and slides that need to be catalogued, sorted and scanned. I should follow your enthusiastic example and make a project of it next year although I think it will take longer than a couple of weeks.

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    • I had these plastic filing pages with pockets the right size for a photo, so made files with the photos in them and sorted them. I was satisfied when it was finished, but I was still finding odds and ends of other photos for about 2 weeks afterwards.

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