Christmad Tree
We have a new Christmas Tree. The old tree looked exactly the same, was the same size, but had lost a few lights on the way. This is the modern version. It has LED lamps, tells me Mr. Swiss, although I have no technical idea what that is. I only know we no longer have to plug it in, because it has some sort of battery, which makes it easier as we have no cables longer than the actual tree. The tree is on top of our TV cabinet, as you would not see it very well if it would be on the ground, and there would be a danger of tripping over the tree, being so small. Just a moment, it seems the top of the tree is bent -must tell Mr. Swiss to straighten it up, cannot have a Christmas tree with a bent top, where would we put the fairy. On the other hand, there is no fairy, not even a star. We like to keep it plain and simple.

Your think this is a sad effort for Chrismas Decorations? Wait until you see the rest and here it is.

Christmas candle

This was another Mr. Swiss idea. I do not know where he found this original piece of Christmas art, but the glass dish beneath will come in useful after Christmas, a sort of fruit dish.

And they are my Christmas decorations. No good overdoing it: too much would spoil the effect. That is far enough for Mr. Swiss and I, we really do not want to overdo it.

How Far do you go with your Christmas Decorations?


    • Christmas is not big thing for me and so I do not really bother a lot. We have our mini tree and our candle on the table. Otherwise I take photos of the Christmas decorations belonging to the others. Fireplaces are now a thing of the past, we do not have one, and have floor heating.


  1. I found our tree last year. I wanted one that didn’t look like a small plastic bottle brush. We had some much bigger artificial trees. The lights always stopped working after a year. Or half of them worked, the other half didn’t. Finally, I gave up and skipped lights. We have lights up over the picture window, but the tree will go on forever. We just have another 10 days and then … it’s next year. Hey, we made it!

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    • When the kids were still kids, all 4 of them at home, we would have a real tree with real candles and decorated it from top to bottom. I no longer need or want a tree, and this is just a compromise.I leave it to Mr. Swiss to switch the lights on and off. Reflecting on my past family Christmas, it was basically one big stress and I no longer want or need it. The best Christmases were my childhood Christmass in London, but then I did not have the work.


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