Flower of the Day: 21.12.2016 Poinsettia


Actually this would be a pink Poinsettia, but the lights were a bit shady in the shop and they are understanding enough to greet me by name, but I did not want to push it too far by asking to alter the light effect, so I had to make the most of it. Anyhow, I find the flowers in the store develop much better than mine at home.

Flower of the Day: 21.12.2016 Poinsettia


Christmad Tree
We have a new Christmas Tree. The old tree looked exactly the same, was the same size, but had lost a few lights on the way. This is the modern version. It has LED lamps, tells me Mr. Swiss, although I have no technical idea what that is. I only know we no longer have to plug it in, because it has some sort of battery, which makes it easier as we have no cables longer than the actual tree. The tree is on top of our TV cabinet, as you would not see it very well if it would be on the ground, and there would be a danger of tripping over the tree, being so small. Just a moment, it seems the top of the tree is bent -must tell Mr. Swiss to straighten it up, cannot have a Christmas tree with a bent top, where would we put the fairy. On the other hand, there is no fairy, not even a star. We like to keep it plain and simple.

Your think this is a sad effort for Chrismas Decorations? Wait until you see the rest and here it is.

Christmas candle

This was another Mr. Swiss idea. I do not know where he found this original piece of Christmas art, but the glass dish beneath will come in useful after Christmas, a sort of fruit dish.

And they are my Christmas decorations. No good overdoing it: too much would spoil the effect. That is far enough for Mr. Swiss and I, we really do not want to overdo it.

How Far do you go with your Christmas Decorations?

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – December 21, 2016

Bipperlisi 21.12 (2)

We had to wait at the barrier this morning for the train to pass, but I had time for some photos 🙂

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 21.12 (9)

It was quite a misty morning for photos, but the ways looked quite mysterious. This was the top road to where we live, near the castle.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 16.12.2016

Another one of those ways where I am not quite sure where it leads to, but probably a short cut to somewhere.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – December 21, 2016

Daily Prompt: I have an Idea

Magpie 15.12 (14)

This magpie was enthsiastically searching for a kibble in my garden, but there was only disappointment as the crows had already taken everything. On the other hand I shot a photo very enthusiastically.

I often get ideas of doing something, which seem to start up a red blinking light and a loud signal, similar to the emergency situations in the James Bond films when the end is approaching and everything could go wrong, but James Bond saves the day with his cunning and expertise. I get the ideas and everyone is alarmed, but at least I am kept busy.

I never really took interest in photography until Mr. Swiss gave me his hand me down digital camera. I was taking photos everywhere with it. I soon discovered how to upload the photos onto the computer and enthusiasm arrived. The enthusiasm today has resulted that I gave my last digital camera to Mr. Swiss, a Canon, which was a super model because I am now into DSLR. In the meanwhile he has returned the digital camera. It is now a joint venture as he only really takes photos with his iPhone. How things can change. I got enthusiastic and now have two DSLR cameras complete with various lens for close up, far away and macrofying the tiniest ant. The result is 16,000 photos online.

I then discovered there were hundreds of photos, real ones on paper, in various boxes and envelopes in the cellar. I got enthusiastic about sorting them into folders. 2 weeks later it was done, spending 1-2 hours every evening with organisation. I then discovered Mr. Swiss also had a box of photos. I sorted them for him, so that he now knows what he has, but he warned me to keep my hands off. They remain in the box. Some people just do not appreciate enthusiasm.

It goes further. Some of my old photos should be scanned, to upload them onto the computer. And so it came to pass that I purchased a very handy scanner and spent another week uploading scanned photos onto the computer.

It is the enthusiasm that spurs me on, the meaning of life. It would be boring just to sit around and wait, you have to give it a push now and again. Just because I have grey hair and stiff joints that creak when they move, it does not mean that I no longer have enthusiasm.

Sometimes enthsiasm can run away with you, but that is the spice of life. It drives me on. I am not really enthusiastic about cleaning, but know when it is done I can move to the next event in life.

I am enthusiastic about creating a shopping list on my mobile phone. My next enthusiastic task is to combine this list with my iPad. This idea came to me after my golden oldie lunchtime sleep. It all has something to do with a cloud, it seems. I am sure it must be possible. If you make a note in your iPhone it should be a simple matter of it appearing automatically on your iPad, they are both Apple machines and it works with adresses and names.Another cyber mystery to solve because it is there and because I want to.

And now to move on, for my next enthusiastic endeavour.

Magpies 01.12 (3)

Looks like these two found something in the meanwhile.

Daily Prompt: I have an idea

Good Morning

Feeding the birds
So here she is, the bird lady of Feldbrunnen just returning from the bread distribution for the birds as the first excursion in the early morning. Note the fashionable long coat whch is very practical against minus centigrade temperatures. I remember buying it cut price as one of those coats they could not otherwise sell, but with my 1 meter 75cms height it was ideal, although I now only use it for arctic walks in the early morning.

So after that shock of seeing me, totally unprepared, I will now continue with my day in the Swiss wilds. I have had breakfast and decided I should really clean up my computer keyboard. The space bar seems to stick now and again. I am sure that some jam has dripped into the spaces. I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a thin strong plastic cover for the keyboard. You could remove it and give it a wipe over now and again to prevent these things happening.

Today is phase 2 of the Christmas food shopping list. I am so well prepared that I am sure I will forget something eventually.  It is a big advantage that Christmas falls on the week-end. When I think back to many years ago when I was catering for six family members, as well as my parents who were here from London, I really do not know how I managed it all. The big supermarket had not yet been built, and I could not drive a car. I remember I had a large shopping bag on wheels that I would pull behind me, packed with the shopping and also carry an extra bag. Yes, I was then the bionic woman. Today I am a retired golden oldie with Mr. Swiss on the shopping trip in the car and if the worst would arrive, we could always order it online to be delivered.

I let Mr. Swiss out on his own yesterday for a few quests in town and he arrived home with a new mobile telephone, which actually did not surprise me. The phone he had was showing symptoms of disintegrating. It was bent is a strange way and the case that enclosed it was attacking the iPhone. I suspect he sat on it now and again as he kept it in his back pocket. Now he has an iPhone No. 7, I still have a No. 6. And so his first work was to install everything on this new phone. He said that the phone store we use in town was packed with a queue to the door, so he went to the alternative shop. He was served quicker, although he did say that the assistant was not exactly keen on work until he asked her “are you actually interested in selling anything”. It was then she reacted and he got service. They always fitted up the phone for you in the main store, but Mr. Swiss said those happy days are gone and you have to pay for the extra service or do it yourself.

Of course Mr. Swiss was doing it himself, and after an hour of profanities and various application problems, he actually succeeded. I am thinking seriously of getting a new phone, as I still have the older model. My main interest is the camera application. The cameras are really good and on the new model even better, but I have decided to wait until after the Christmas panic and yes, I will pay the extra 10-20 swiss francs to have them do it for me.  I can afford it and my nerves prefer it.

And now to be off to other fields of exploration, and then they will let me out to attack the store and capture a few necessary objects that they are holding to ransom. Oh, the life of a golden oldie is full of surprises.

Enjoy the day everyone, or night, and the Christmas stress, if you take part in it. Personally  I am only spectator and write a report on it all in my blogging daily efforts.

Sparrows16.12 (13)