Good Morning


I have an amaryllis. At the moment it is rather symbolic. I can picture the Statue of Liberty with an amalryllis in her hand instead of a torch. Amaryllis was always a Christmas thing with me, but I never bought one myself. I was always somehow given a gift of an amaryllis, either for my birthday at the beginning of December, or before Christmas. They were usually red amaryllis. I saw a striped amaryllis in the supermarket, so treated myself to one of those. The assistant was quite astonished that I was actually buying something instead of just taking a photo of it.  It was packed in a cardboard box, but one of those already planted in a pot with all the trimmings, which I was glad about. I cannot be bothered to plant it myself.

When I unpacked it at home I found it had already begun to grow and the stalk and flower but were a bit on the yellow side, the stalk having a curve because the box was growing too small. I gave it water and placed it on the floor in front of the window. I once read they like heat from below and we have ground heating in our appartment. After 2 days it had straightened itself out, and now it is gathering strength day by day. I think it feels at home with us.

Otherwise nothing new in the Angloswiss villa. I completed phase one of my Christmas food shopping list yesterday with success. I even managed to get  organic prawns, which cost more than the others, but at least they were especially bred (I hope) for the purpose and did not swim in a cesspool somewhere in a far away country before being killed and frozen. I have got very suspicious about eating sea food like that. The used to be few and far between, and now there are kilos of shell fish waiting for customers, so what drugs do they apply for such success?

Phase 2 of the shopping is tomorrow, and yes, I will also pick up my 5th bear. This special offer at the supermarket is still on, I though it was finished yesterday. I managed to fill 4 cards with bear stickers and now have a 5th card which only needs 2 more stickers, because they are now giving double quantities of stickers. I just cannot resist it, although I really do not know what I am going to do with 5 teddy bears.

And now I must go, there is a bathroom to clean, food to cook and an iPhone and iPad waiting to have the latest IOS programme uploaded. Why do these things always happend at the wrong time? Apparently it is an important update, according to Mr. Swiss and the information he gathered.

Only 4 days now to Chrismas, so check your lists that you have got everything you need.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • They are mainly a Christmas thing here. I really do not know if they can be bought during the year. My family has now shrunk in London, although I have two cousins in England (twins a year younger than me) and the is a cousin in New Zealand, 3 years younger than me. They all have their own families, but we still have contact through Facebook and telephone as well as e-mail.We had 2 minutes of snow this week, a couple of days ago, but it has now disappeared.Basically we are healthy, but like to complain now and again otherwise we feel we are missing something.


    • They do not take long, and usually begin to grow as soon as you begin to give them water. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks, but be careful. They tend to fall if they lose their balance with the heavy flowers.


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