Write a letter to Santa asking him what you would like this Christmas

InjectionDear Santa,

I do not really have a list of wishes, as I made it so far, so what could possibly go wrong. Yes, sometimes the unexpected happens, but I will keep it short.

Find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. It really cannot be that difficult. All you have managed up to now is to slow it all down. I am really not ungrateful for that, but it would be great if you could bring me some sort of medicine, tablets perhaps, that I would not have to inject every second day. My skin is beginning to resemble a Picasso painting in all shades of blue and red. I mean I have no real pain and plunging a needle in is just a matter of seconds, it is the preparations that take 5 minutes, but I am now really good at it, although it is not one of the things I really want to be good at.

Or write a letter to Santa moaning

Dear Santa,

Where is my lotto win for the 80,000 Swiss Francs that have been waiting for a couple of months. It now seems that someone else got it all. Typical – pretending to spread joy and happiness and I get nothing. Santa I have decided not to believe in you. And don’t blame it on the fact that I do not have a chimney, I have a door bell and there is room in the garden for at least 4 reindeer.

You are a fake and an imposter and probably you were the guy that won the lotto.

An ex-member of your fan club, Anglo-Swiss Christmas grinch

Santa in Migros

Christmas Writing Prompt #14: Writea letter to Santa

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Jump Rope

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn
I am quite scarce on rope. Everything is plastic today, but I found these two llamas at the local market fair.

Machine for pumpint out water

No ropes, just cables when our hobby room was flooded and it had to be pumped dry with various machines for at least a month.

Quayside Leningrad (2)

Now I am going back to 1964 when my last two weeks of school life, I was 17 years old at the time and they  were spent on a Baltic Sea Cruise from my school. The big visit was to St. Petersburg, now again known as Leningrad. The Russians did not trust us so much and so there were permanently two red army soldiers guarding our ladder to the ship. And yes, they had ropes on the ladder. I took the  photo  with a normal camera in black and white. Digital did not exist in those days.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Jump Rope

Daily Prompt: It is only paper


I suppose it depends how you look at it. That is the contents of my purse today: approximately 114 Swiss francs and twice 2x Cumulus points with 25x points if I happen to buy Farmer’s Best deep frozen vegetable, which I do now and again if it has to be quick and I run out of ideas. It is not a fortune, but it is enough. The real money is in the bank – we all have our own systems. The Cumulus points are a supermarket system and I am sure that your supermarkets also have their own system. They are not really giving anything away, because at the end of the day it is all calculated. I have discovered that arriving at the cash desk to pay the bill is becoming a financial puzzle. We would lay down the money and the assistant would give us the change, like real money that would jingle and make your purse bulge.

Purses now only bulge with some bits and pieces, but mainly credit cards and now the lady at the cash desk asks if you have anything to redeem, meaning those points you have printed on a cash receipt. You get 2x Cumulus points if you add one of these receipts to the money, meaning that you will have double the normal points on your balance. At the end of the month the supermarket sends you cheques based on these points which you can use as money in your supermarket and we are all convinced we are getting someting for nothing. We are getting something, but not for nothing, because we paid at the cash desk to let the points add up, thus known in our market as Cumulus, they cumulate. If you do not have these magical 2x receipts, then you get them all the same, but only 1x.

Recently they have began to issue these points 25x for certain items. This now means that shopping is not only a financial puzzle but a question of logistics, organising what you buy, because it depends on whether you get apply an extra 25x cumulus points receipt if you buy the right thing. Are you following me? No, it does not really matter, because I think most of us have lost the thread on the way. I often lose it at the cash desk. You used to choose the goods, pay and go. Now you are confronted with searching through your purse, or perhaps your jacket pockets to see what other special extras you might have (apart from being given the special sticky stamps for your card if you are collecting teddy bears – Christmas thing). You no longer need a purse and money, or even credit cards, but a mini computer to be able to sort it all out.

Fortunes have become digital. I do not blame my dad, who was a centenarian, and kept his money (real money) in his pockets or in a box. One of his main statements was “I don’t want a bank account” as if it was the crime of the centuary. “I don’t want a cheque book” was another phrase he used. He was sure that a cheque book was a fiddle, a scheme where the banks were cheating you.  I do not blame him. His whole life was based on cash and a weekly wage. His pension was paid into an account, but he would have it collected in cash. Sometimes he lost count of how much cash he actually had at home, but he knew what his fortune was. It was in paper and coins. We have moved on of course. Modern day life is all money shifting by digital methods.

We have made progress,  until the day when the computers die.

Daily Prompt: It is only paper

Good Morning


I have an amaryllis. At the moment it is rather symbolic. I can picture the Statue of Liberty with an amalryllis in her hand instead of a torch. Amaryllis was always a Christmas thing with me, but I never bought one myself. I was always somehow given a gift of an amaryllis, either for my birthday at the beginning of December, or before Christmas. They were usually red amaryllis. I saw a striped amaryllis in the supermarket, so treated myself to one of those. The assistant was quite astonished that I was actually buying something instead of just taking a photo of it.  It was packed in a cardboard box, but one of those already planted in a pot with all the trimmings, which I was glad about. I cannot be bothered to plant it myself.

When I unpacked it at home I found it had already begun to grow and the stalk and flower but were a bit on the yellow side, the stalk having a curve because the box was growing too small. I gave it water and placed it on the floor in front of the window. I once read they like heat from below and we have ground heating in our appartment. After 2 days it had straightened itself out, and now it is gathering strength day by day. I think it feels at home with us.

Otherwise nothing new in the Angloswiss villa. I completed phase one of my Christmas food shopping list yesterday with success. I even managed to get  organic prawns, which cost more than the others, but at least they were especially bred (I hope) for the purpose and did not swim in a cesspool somewhere in a far away country before being killed and frozen. I have got very suspicious about eating sea food like that. The used to be few and far between, and now there are kilos of shell fish waiting for customers, so what drugs do they apply for such success?

Phase 2 of the shopping is tomorrow, and yes, I will also pick up my 5th bear. This special offer at the supermarket is still on, I though it was finished yesterday. I managed to fill 4 cards with bear stickers and now have a 5th card which only needs 2 more stickers, because they are now giving double quantities of stickers. I just cannot resist it, although I really do not know what I am going to do with 5 teddy bears.

And now I must go, there is a bathroom to clean, food to cook and an iPhone and iPad waiting to have the latest IOS programme uploaded. Why do these things always happend at the wrong time? Apparently it is an important update, according to Mr. Swiss and the information he gathered.

Only 4 days now to Chrismas, so check your lists that you have got everything you need.