Share Your World – 2016 Week 51 – Favorite Holiday Edition

First of all to clarify matters, I am an atheist and do not celebrate any such holidays. I participate for my family and friends, and enjoy, but it has no deep meaning for me.

What is your favorite holiday?

I have been retired for the last 8 years and so basically I am now on a permaent holiday.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (20)

I took this photo on 24th October, this year, when the Christmas tent was built and the decorations were  being installed in the local supermarket, so I ask when does Chrismas begin? This is no longer a holiday, but a profit making business, the earlier the better.

What types of food is associated with your holiday?

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day 2008Look what I found, from 2008. It was our Christmas Day lunch of veal steaks, which I serve with a Morel (very expensive type of mushroom) cream sauce. We like to eat something special at least once a year. The main celebration is on 24th December in the evening in Switzerland, and I usually do something plain and simple. First of all I make a salad of avocado and prawns and afterwards usually filet of beef, which you just fry quickly, with two veg and fried potatoes. I serve the beef with a herb butter. 26th Decenber is also plain and simple as far as cooking is concerned: a ham garnished with pineapple with beans or red cabbage and potato. It has become somewhat a tradition. There is now only me, Mr. Swiss and No 1 son. No. 2 celebrates in Germany with his wife’s family and we get together some time during the Christmas week or in the New Year. Deserts are usually ice cream with some sort of fruit and whipped cream. I like to eat special, but with as less work as possible. The food is not cheap, but it has become a custom and why not.

Do you travel for your holiday?

No, definitely not, unless we might visit my son on the other side of Switzerland, but it is a small country and the train journey would be about 2 hours. I used to visit London once a year for  my dad’s birthday around the end of the year, but he passed away this year and my travelling days are now finished. I like to stay at home and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Is it a religious or spiritual holiday?

For me absolutely not, the others they can make their own decisions.

Is there a gift exchange?

There used to be, but no longer. I think the word “exchange” explains it all. We do not need a holiday for gifts. We can buy our own gifts, or surprise each other during the year with something small. I would add if there were children in our family, I would not disappoint them.

How long does the celebration last?

I do not celebrate, but from the evening of 24th December until 26th December, because our shops are closed until then, so we do not have to go anywhere or do anything: although I would add that since the past two years the shops have begun to open on 26th December but I stay at home.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Nothing really, it was a normal straight forward week at the villa Angloswiss and I was quite happy with that. If this week remains the same, what could be better?

Share Your World – 2016 Week 51 – Favorite Holiday Edition

12 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016 Week 51 – Favorite Holiday Edition

    • That is what I mean. Just because I do not Christmas and the rest, I would not want to impose on the ideas of others. It is a worldwide festival and a childrens festival above all.


  1. Your Morel cream sauce sounds very interesting 🙂 As I’m a Christmas person, I don’t mind even though the decorations go up in October. Right after the 26th I want all my decorations gone, as I start looking forward to the new year – so it’s nice to enjoy the season for so long beforehand.

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  2. I still like short trips during periods of low traffic. One of the benefits of being retired is that we can take vacations when the kids are back in school and hotel rates are low. New England has many lovely places to visit pretty close to where we live … and if we don’t go anywhere, that’s okay too 🙂

    I don’t know what I am, religiously. Certainly not any particular religion. My mother was an atheist and had a strong — very strong — dislike of organized religions. All of them. Disorganized ones, too. But personally, I’m not sure what I believe. Something. Nothing. Everything.

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    • Mr. Swiss is losing the apetite for long driving sessions and I have stopped driving. I just hope I can still do it if Of. We live in a wonderful place, a small village in the country next to a larger town. I no longer have close family in London, so I do ot travel once a year to see my father. I can now stay where I am with no stress. Switzerland is a small country and long trips are not more than 4-5 hours to get anywhere. I actually have no longing for holidays and neither does Mr. Swiss. A trip to my son near Schaffhause would be OK, and anywhere by train. Swiss trains are comfortable and work well if you are travelling to main places.
      I have now completely signed off with religion. Perhaps I am too logical, but for me it is a story handed down over thousands of years, and we all know what can happen to stories passed on by work of mouth. I do not do miracles, but only reality.


  3. I agree that retailers start the season way too early. By the time Christmas gets here, most people are tired of the idea. Have a Merry Christmas.

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