Daily Prompt: Relax when you can


What better way is there to relax than with a computer (Apple or Microsoft makes no difference as long as the keys are big enough and the print can be ajusted to large size) and something to eat, in my case Nürnberg spicy cookies, Christmas version, and a banana. Yes, relaxing with a computer can be hunger work.The iPad is on the side in the case it is needed and a view from the window on the neighbouring path that you can observe all neighbours that walk in and out of your apartment building. What a wonderful life.

Of course, this situation does not go without working for it, almost your complete life, but eventually your hair turns to grey (at the roots only perhaps, the remainder being constructional work by the hairdresser) and your body is no longer ready for daily work. At a certain age your country tells you to stay at home, you are now making room for those that are still fit enough to work, and do not fall asleep at the desk after lunch (yes I have been there and done it). Now we are paid to relax by our countries, but it is not as easy as you may think. We are now pensioners.

The firt 2-3 days are a new discovery. No longer rising early in the mornig, you can decide when and whether to rise. Great – this is your future life, just a permanent relaxation, with nothing to do: not quite. You want to eat? Then you must shop for food and so you make an excursion to the supermarket and who do you meet? Those that joined the retired comuunity some years ago. They too have grey hair, do not hear so well, and are glad for the support of a shopping trolley when walking. At last you meet people to talk to, you all have something to share and what is the main theme? Of course, those that are in hospital, who are now widows or widowers and those that are no longer amongst us:  not forgetting to complain about the latest aches and pains, just one big happy go lucky excursion. Afterwards you can return home and relax, after cooking dinner of course.

In between you still apply the vacuum cleaner, it is all part of the training therapy. And then your mind drifts to the days when you had to go to work, sit at your desk, or perhaps a machine, every day. Now you are free at last and only do what you want to, not what you have to. On the other hand having to do something meant that the things you now want to do did not have to be done, because there was no reason. And you were even paid for what you had to do. Ok, your relaxation is also paid for, but there are no bonus systems or Chrismas benefits, and definitely no holidays, because life is now one big holiday. It is just the 5 star hotels on a beach in the sun you can no longer afford or enjoy for health reasons.

But life is now one big relaxation, and so you make the most of it. You no longer have a desk to sleep on, but can actually go to bed and sleep at midday. The afternoons are full of hobbies. You used to knit, but now the arthritis has taken over your joints in the fingers. Go for a walk in the open air. No deal, too many aches and pains, but you can visit your doctor because you have yet another appointment. There is always a book to read, if your eyes can still read the small print. Perhaps a new appointment at the optician is necessary.

Yes the days of relaxation are now here, so let us join all the others in the waiting room to see what happens next.


Daily Prompt: Relax when you can

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Relax when you can

    • Yes and No. I am perhaps a little like that, but I do it myself. Since my handicap is getting more in my way, I am doing my best to minimise the problems. I still do the housework myself, have my routine with a sort of time table. I refuse to use my cane at home, only when I go out. Funny at home I manage quite well, and if I have walking problems I can overcome them so I continue to clean windows, mop floors, and do the daily stuff. Of course hand in hand with Mr. Swiss who takes over the heavy stuff like putting fresh linen on the beds. It is a job I have, but because it is a voluntary job, it does not bother me so much. My afternoons are free, when I might take a walk somewhere and blogging is not fixed. I don’t think of it as a job, more as something to keep me occupied. I cannot just sit around and do nothing. I have to have my purpose somewhere. Difficult to explain, but I do not feel I am under pressure and I do not have deadlines. Just take it one thing after another.


    • I think ( speaking for myself ) retirement is the time when a lot of us finally get to concentrate on what we couldn’t concentrate on during our working years. The problem with that theory is that I DID concentrate on it during my working years too; I just had less time for it. But you’re right; I have a job now, too. 🙂


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