Daily Prompt: A Fish Eye View

Fish in the River Aar

“Hey Fred, look a worm, very tasty.”

“Don’t touch it Joe, it is a trick, a two legged fish trap from those that live above out of the water.”

“How comes, it is alive and wiggling. I bet that would make a nice juicy meal.”

“Believe me Joe, it would not. It would mean the end of your days as a swimmer and you would arrive on a two legged fish dinner plate, or even worse you would be put in a tin.  Does not really make a big difference, eventually you will be eaten, swallowed and digested. Worms do not hang around in the river ”

“You’re wrong Fred, I have seen worms in the river, although they do not hover around like that one, they usually bury themselves.”

“Exactly. Believe me Joe, a real live worm would not dangle in front of our nose. It would hide and pounce when we are unsuspecting from the depths.”

“All the more reason to make the most of this worm.”

“No Joe, nothing good comes from above. When I was a baby fish, just out of the egg, my mum said never eat worms from above and my mum was very sensible. She remembered her sister Maud who saw one of those worms and decided to eat it.”

“And did it taste good Fred.”

“No-one knows, because Aunt Maud disappeared for ever. She still had the worm in her mouth as she was pulled up above.”

“You mean the waterless landscape, oh how horrible.”

“Yes Joe, to the place where there is no water, a very fishy end if there ever was one. We still do not know what happened, but we know you should ignore worms suspended in front of your nose. They mean no good. They just hang there and wiggle. No real healthy worm hangs and wiggles.”

“I suppose you are right Fred. It does look very appetising and tasty. Do you really think?……”

“No, Joe do not touch it, it will be your end. If you look carefully you can see a shadow behind the worm of one of those big fish with two legs, those that can live outisde of the water.”

“Yes, I can see it. But that worm looks so good, fat and juicy, we never see them like that othrwise.”

“Joe believe me, nothing good comes from above, and a worm that just hangs around waiting to be our next meal is not normal. Look Butch is arriving, the big carp from down stream, let him have the worm, we are better off without him in any case. He preys on the little fish like us.”

“Good idea Fred, let’s watch what happens. He is so stupid, he will only be thinking of his next meal.”

“And there he goes Joe, see what happened?”

“He’s gone. I saw him go for the worm and he seemed to go upwards.”

“Yes Joe, that could have been you.”

“I never did like Butch in any case, he would always feed on the small fish.”

“There must be a moral to this event, Joe. I am not sure what it is, but do not eat very worm that is offered. Your do not get something for nothing, even if you are a fish.”

Daily Prompt: A fish Eye View

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